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Recommendation for London endocrinologist with thyroid/adrenal/exhaustion specialism

Dear all, I have just been diagnosed as hypothyroid and the doctor has prescribed thyroxine 50mg per day which I have not started taking yet. I have had additional tests done privately and have thyroid antibodies present and an elevated reverse T3 (rT3) which from what I understand indicates that my underlying condition could be adrenal exhaustion rather than purely a thyroid issue, though with the presence of the thyroid antibodies I am not sure. I also have a hair loss condition (Lichen Planus Polaris) which I have been told is not related to my thyroid condition directly, though I could of course be suffering additional hair loss with the thyroid condition. Because of this, I am keen to get it resolved as quickly as possible and would like to see someone this week if I can. I also want the appointment to feel worthwhile and that I have gained something (I have around 8 books on the subject and have read up widely on it). If you have a recommendation for a good endocrinologist in London or within easy reach of London, I would really appreciate you Pming me. Many thanks for your help and good luck on the road to full health. Thank you, Jenni

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Hi Jenni

I hope you've had some PMs coming through with recommendations. I'm sure with all the reading you've done you know this but I just wanted to say don't start taking any thyroid meds before you find out if you're adrenals aren't working properly because you'll have an adrenal crisis as they can't cope with thyroid medication - this happened to me and it was horrendous. I didn't know I had adrenal exhaustion and started taking Armour, then Erfa, then T3 and I became really ill to the extent I could barely get out of bed in the morning.

If anyone has recommended someone in London who understands adrenals etc I'd really appreciate it if you could PM me the info as I'm struggling to find anyone and going downhill again.

Thanks and best of luck! X


Ditto - would appreciate a recommendation. x


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