Thyroid Petition Scotland: anyone submitted?

From Thyroid Petition Scotland Facebook page:

Elaine mentioned the fear patients have of putting their names to supportive letters - of GPs striking them off and more. It has now been decided to ask only people willing to put their names to their letters to write in, as only these will be treated as submissions. So, if any one, anywhere, wishes to write their story or supportive letter, please send it to and cc it to

Just wondering whether anyone has made a submission, assuming us Englanders can partake?

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Not sure what they are asking for.

No idea what they want, but as I am no longer in Scotland, and therefore not registered with a Scottish doctor, I will be quite willing to write a letter to whoever stating how poor my treatment was under the Scottish NHS and that I was as good as left to die because I couldnt tolerate Levo, and it made my TSH shoot up instead of go down (never found out why), yet I was refused any alternative treatment. I'd need proper details of what exactly is required, as I havnt kept up with the whole scottish petition thing, so no idea what it is they are actually looking for.

Susymac I no longer live in Scotland but they have accepted my letter.

For scottish residents only unfortunately. I have no problems putting my name to a letter, and I seem to remember that there was a brief instruction what they wanted at some point. I have written in already but anonymously so I will rewrite it. Thank you for letting me know


We all need to play our part when we have the opportunity.

Hi cinnamon girl, sorry for confusion.

Any one, from any where (in UK, Europe, Asia, wherever, just anywhere) can and always could, write a submission to the Scottish Parliament. The confusion arose when a few months ago, Elaine Smith MSP was asking for Scottish patients stories so that she might present these to the committee. That has been done now. We are now back to the original situation which is an open and public petition whereby anyone interested can email If they write that this is in support of Petition PE01463 and give their contact details, it should be treated as a submission. Keep writing :-) xx

I was hoping that you'd see my post!!

Will get writing and happy to support you, you're doing a fantastic job and sound one very determined lady! Thank you.

OH, that is why I got so confused that you could still write in.Sorry about that


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