Government e-petition about thyroid treatment

Hi people

No apologies for posting this again, as some of you are new. An e-petition launched by our own Louise Warvill needs only 2636 more signatures to reach the 10,000 that will trigger a response.

health minister Jeremy Hunt does take public concerns seriously. He got the Saatchi Cancer Treatment bill through.

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  • Thanks for posting! :)

  • Done :)

  • Shared on Facebook - I have a few hypo friends so hopefully some will sign!

  • I've linked to the petition on another (non-health) forum that I frequent. Answered some questions and some have signed the petition.

    Currently waiting to see if the GPs and Endo that are on there pop in to the thread and say something. Could be interesting!!!

  • 7,540

    123 days to go

    Sign, share, tweet!




  • They need to be got read of.

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