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Access to your online GP records and other services


It’s a while since I’ve posted but I have been continuing the fight to raise awareness of online GP medical records. All those who contacted me with names of practices who were refusing access and gave me practice names should know that the PatientOnline Team is working on your behalf. If you are still having problems accessing test results, letters etc please contact team and ask them to intervene in your behalf. The team have been given authority to contact practices direct to ensure that access is available

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Thank you for posting. I have two carrier bags with medical results in and when I have a bit of time was hoping to put them on a spread sheet. But I don't type well so I doubt I shall get very far. I shall have a look at this.

gabby57 in reply to silverfox7

Instead of typing everything, what about a scanner with OCR (optical character recognition) software? Then all the documents should be searchable, more or less.

DJR1 in reply to gabby57

If we are talking about the Evergreen Life App from my other post I am able to photograph letters etc with the camera in the app. The resolution is good. The App is developing all the time. It also has medication timers if you need that

Thank you

Some of us still don't own smart phones, and perhaps can't afford one. For those who do have one, this sounds a very good idea.

DJR1 in reply to Hillwoman

Can also be accessed from iPad or PC

Hillwoman in reply to DJR1

That would work. :-)

What I couldn't do is photograph records at the surgery to add to a file.

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