Is 18 to young to have symptoms of hypo?

Hi my daughter is 18 and has been quite run down lately. She has had fainting/dizzy spells hair loss and hair loss from one if her eye brows feels cold all the time, very tired and wanting to sleep a lot. We had her checked for anemia which was clear so I've asked for her thyroid to be tested as I'm underactive myself and recognised some of her symptoms. She is having the test today... Is she too young to be diagnosed underactive though? I was 36 when I got my diagnosis. Thanks

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  • I had tests for hypothyroidism every 6months for about 3years from the age of around 10 because the school doctor noticed my goitre, i never got diagnosed then but suspect my thyroid was already struggling then. So you can definitely be tested from an early age and I'm sure there are parents of children younger than 18 which have been diagnosed on this forum.

    As i recall there are different ranges for children but as she is 18 she will probably now be in the adult testing range (someone is sure to put me straight if I'm wrong). Unfortunately as with most conditions you are never too young to get diagnosed.

  • I have no doubt it was inherited it runs in my family after all but goitre can present with either hypo or hyper thyroidism or at least thats what I've been tought when i did my biology degree. As i have responded extremely well to levo i sincerely doubt i have thyroid hormone resistance but thanks anyways.

  • My daughter has been on Levo since she was 11yrs. She has Hashi's and is on a the Paleo AI diet and she has lost 2stone she ha just turned 18yrs

  • One of my grandaughters was diagnosed age 9

    the other 3 have all been diagnosed at age 16

  • Thank you all for your replies... I guess thyroid can act up at any age then, I always thought it was an older persons condition

  • in old people it tends to be straightforward hypothyroid

    in younger people its far more likely to result of auto immune hashimotos

    which is why levothyroxine tends not to work very well

  • The thyroid may be present at any age. When you experience the symptoms, it is important to be checked it immediately. It could cause many major problems in the eyes, if not detected earlier. Along with the medications, it is also ideal to maintain proper diet and taking supplements.

  • I assume you mean, as we all tend to, iron deficiency anaemia has been considered? Remember there are other anaemia such as Pernicious Anaemia. All too many with thyroid issues also have low B12.

  • of course its not too young my youngest grandaughter was 9 when hypothyroid reared its head ....if you are hypothyroid its likely hashimotos so auto immune and thus hereditary

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