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Does anyone know "ALL" the symptoms a person can get while hypo?

Hi all

I just want to know the range of symptoms I can expect until my level becomes "normal" or as normal as it will :-)

Was hyper before my TT now for last six mths I've been hypo

Symptoms so far

Gastric upset

Hair loss

Weight gain

Aching joints

Decreased sex drive

Dry itchy skin

Depressed mood

No energy

Disturbed sleep … feel like I'm flipping over. & turning all night


:-] any more I can expect. ?

For warned is fore armed as they say

Also what things should I get tested for? Folate, iron, B12??

Thanks for any help

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The main Thyroid UK site has an excellent list:

Remember that even this list is not complete - hypothyroidism can affect every bit of the body and mind.



Thanks Rod

At least now I know that I don't have them all but I am surprised at some new ones that I never thought of as being part of the picture

Why is it that dr so don't see the big picture & tell patients?

I keep hearing no that's not normal to have that symptom when apparently it is

What do they think is going to happen ? That we might want more holistic treatment? I have found out so much since I found this site more than from my dr

Thanks again for the link


Other hypo symptoms I have experienced include:



Tingling hands, feet and top of head

Feeling spaced out

Dark vision

Anxiety and adrenaline surges


Sinus problems


We are all different though and all experience different symptoms. Hope you feel better soon :) xx


Yes - and also Vitamin D. :)




This is a link and the first question and the one dated October 20, 2004 may be informative.

As regards your gastric problems, this could be due to being hypothyroid which may lead to low acid. The symptoms of over acid and low acid are very similar. I have found HCL tablets very helpful myself.


Request ferritin, vitD3, B12 & folate. Deficiency or low in range make it hard to absorbe & utilise levothyroxine.

Check out for over 300 hypothyroid symptoms.

Avoid PPI's like Omeprazole if you can. They can cause more problems than they cure. For reflux try raw apple cider vinegar with ¼-½tsp bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water with honey, fruit juice or soluble vitC to sweeten before meals.


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