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MEN - be careful of selenium

MEN - be careful of selenium

I have stated many times that I consider 200 mcg to be too much selenium on a long-term basis. I have long thought that 100 mcg or less is probably going to deliver all the benefits anyone could expect, and selenium is well-known to be toxic in even moderate excess. (Though it is quite possible that someone who is actually significantly deficient might need a "loading dose" to correct the deficiency before switching to a maintenance dose. I don't know!)

Today we see the Guardian reporting this:

Some vitamin supplements raise risk of cancer in men, research shows

Clinical trials show high levels of the mineral Selenium can raise chances of developing high-grade cancer by 91%

The story also involves vitamin E supplements - which seems to be intimately related to selenium.

Do read the comment by Dr Matthew Hobbs, deputy director of research at Prostate Cancer UK.

(Only a few years ago, selenium was being touted as a preventative measure against prostate cancer. Though I never felt that I had found any proper evidence as to which form of selenium was supposed to work - some claiming only inorganic forms, others seeming not to differentiate.)

Please note: If you sign up to the Guardian, you can make your own comments on this story.


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Just saw that this morning. Scary thought.

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Thanks for the post Rod.

I'm worried now because I give my other half astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is stronger than vitamin E and beta-carotene. I take it too for eye support instead of selenium. Should we stop it?


I suggest it is so different you cannot take anything from the posted story as evidence you need to make a change.

Maybe you do, maybe you don't.

I did not mean to worry you - and, on the basis of the story as published, there are no grounds to be worried. But it is certainly worth keeping your eyes open.



yet another good informative post rod , I have seen this today in the press .....just goes to show that what is 'good for us ' now is maybe 'harmful ' tomorrow ....... when we as mere mortals were told relatively recently that the opposite was the FACT ......alan


Apparently the body needs Vitamin E to absorb Selenium.


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