Selenium - which type and for how long?

I was told to take a selenium supplement by the ophthalmologist as I have TED. I have taken a bog standard supplement by H&B but decided to do a bit of research.

I'm a bit confused as to which I should take.

As with any vitamin/mineral etc surely it shouldn't be taken infinitum in the same amount?

How much to take to get stores up and then how much as a maintenance dose?

Have found indications that it is for under active thyroid issues? (I have Graves)

Any advice please?

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  • Hi

    I'm graves/active TED. My ophthalmologist recommended 4 Brazil's a day instead, much tastier

  • I don't like nuts unfortunately :(

  • Not a good alternative for you then;-)

    Wishing you well with everything and a speedy journey to stable TED

  • Thank you :)

  • Two are enough- try chopping/shaving them onto [gluten free] muesli?

  • I dont like anything like that I'm afraid - nuts, dried fruit, flakes of stuff, urgh sorry!

  • Just hold your nose and shovel- it IS medical need ;) [& so much better than endless meds in the long run]

  • I think it great that the ophthalmologist recognises selenium. But pretty ridiculous that he didn't press a half a sheet of A4 with some details into your hand.

    There are several different sorts - the "mineral" ones like sodium selenite, the yeast ones, selenomethionine, and even a tiny number of foods which have had extra selenium as they grow. The researchers of the world are still pondering the question of which form, how much, and so on. I tend to agree with the Brazil nut approach - but otherwise I think I might take two or more different forms (or a product that is a combination).

    Where I depart from some is that I would tend to use smaller doses. Some people suggest 400mcg - I think that is too much long term (though I wouldn't worry for a few months). I'd suggest maybe start at 200 and drop to 100 after a long enough time (e.g. six months or a year).


  • Thank you Rod. I was thinking l-selenomethionine and the yeast one in combination. I have been taking 200mcg as advised, for about 6 months now, but label just says selenium so have emailed H&B. I may give it another 6 months before I drop down.

  • Whilst I don't like H&B that much (their pricing regime, that they sell so many products of very low active ingredient content, etc.) I do think they are quite good at claiming (or admitting?) what is in their products.

    Is this what you are taking?

    If so, that says selenomethionine. If not, maybe you can find the actual one on the site?


  • There was me thinking my brain fog was better! I looked at the label on mine and looked through the information on the website and could not find which type of selenium! I even looked at other products. I had another look at mine and it is selenium yeast

    I will get the other type and take one of each.

    I am what is known as a 'fussy eater' and cannot bring myself to eat things i don't like, believe me I would eat the nuts if I could, damn site cheaper!! :)

  • Brazil Brownies ? ;)

  • The selenium in the soil is apparently badly depleted now. It's so important that taking one or two Brazils a day is good insurance and well below the max tolerated long term. It can be overdone, though which is why larger amounts need monitoring and a break from taking regularly.

    I would like to find out my serum level some time.

  • I have Hashimoto's and other auto immune diseases. I started a low dose selenium ace and after several months, my antibodies reduced.

    I am now on a higher dose 200mg daily for chelation as instructed by holistic dentist who is in the process of replacing all my mercury fillings

  • I had read that it was good for Hashimoto (I was going to post the link to the research done but lost the page!)

  • I have been taking Bio-Selenium + Zinc by Pharma Nord for quite a while now, have found them to be very effective They also contain Vit C, E and B6. The first thing I noticed was that the burning pain in my foot went, came back when I stopped taking them, went away again when I dosed up. The pain has stayed away. I also take their Bio-Vitamin D3 and Magnesium.

    I found out about Pharma Nord as nice Dr. Chris on This Morning recommended their C0Q10. If only we all had a GP like him. They aren't the cheapest but I do have faith that they actually work, unlike some other brands.

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