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Results with exclamation!

I have collected my results from my GP today and they are as follows

Serum TSH 0.42(0.35-5.50)

Serum T4 5.1 pmol/L (9.00-22.7) !

I see my endo for a 6month check up and feel brill!

I take T3 lithyronin 30 mcg in total daily split into one in the morning and half in the afternoon.

I had my med at. 6 am but went to have bloods done at 3 pm and didn't take my meds until after?

My endo is awesome and we were able to leave my dose last time where it was so why is the exclamation mark on the T 4 guys..?

I have an endo that's happy to be guided by me on how I feel but what's the T4 saying that the GP is worried about as they are really rubbish and I've had to battle every step to be where I am now!

Any advice gratefully received

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It's nothing to worry about because you're on t3 only. It is low and it probably came back from the lab with the exclamation mark because the t4 is below range. Of course, this is irrelevant if you are on t3 only. Hopefully your GP will have enough brain to realise this!

Carolyn x


Thank you as I thought x


It is because your T4 is below range which it should be on T3 alone as you aren't producing your natural T4 and not supplementing with it either.

I always have an early a.m. blood test as that's when TSH is highest and don't take meds till after it. I only dose once a day and last dose before the blood test is the previous day at around 7 a.m. so more than 24 hours apart.


Thank you so much as I also sensed too! Nice to have it validated thanks


Hi guys Thanks!

I thought the same so I thank you for just putting me back in check! My GP is an utter pain and the last time all went wrong and I went to see a private endo it was blamed on the menopause! I told him to do bloods which confirmed this was not the case and he still refused to do anything! Lol


Just to say, if you want to reply to a comment, you have to click the Reply to this yellow button, otherwise the person isn't notified and you wonder why you haven't had a response, if one was needed.


Some GPs can't handle happy hypos. They think it's normal to be crushed with fatigue, crippled with fibro, hair falling out and skin shedding, which you could be if you were on T4!


Yes so right and on T4 I was sinking lol ! Never will I darken that meds door again ,!


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