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Lack of Iron increases stroke risk

Saw this in Times today .Research published in PLOS One. Research by Imperial College London.

"Iron deficiency raises the risk of stroke because it makes blood cells stickier. Those short of iron are twice as likely to have a stroke." Important for thyroidies to bear in mind I would think. Another reason for having good Iron and Ferritin levels

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Thank you for this information. As someone who has difficulties hanging on to iron, I like to know these things!


Hi This makes perfect sense as with heart problems, well known that iron/ferriitin must be good. less well known is that the absorption % is vital ie mine is at 17% , useless. my Endo and I had to fight with GP for a higher script.,she said that the levels on the blood test were OK,they were.. There are 2 tests available NHS, the one does give this % now, very important. privately ,normally, always done.



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