What events would you expect to see at the Thyroid Olympics?


Qualifying events for Hypothyroidism:

The Diagnosis Hurdles;

The 'exquisitely sensitive' TSH Trials;

The Endocrinology 'It's not your thyroid' Triathlon;

The Levothyroxine Rapid Downhill Descent;

The T3 Prescription Death Spiral;

and the NDT Prescription Decathlon.

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  • not forgetting ..

    freestyle idiot finding [ gp's & endos only counting ]

    all in headbutting [ the wall ] ....... more to come .....alan

  • Keep 'em coming :)

  • Laugh of the day....I love it!!!

    Do you think we would find a pharmaceutical company to sponsor us ?

    How about some Lab Technicians to train us and turn us from "Normal" into an exceptional talent!!!

  • Might have to disqualify you, Marfit. Doping and tampering in one post tsk tsk ;)

  • Not to mention:

    Uphill Slalom which involves getting out of bed - and staying out.

    Depression Marathon - convince your GP it IS your thyroid.

  • Thank heavens the Uphill Slalom doesn't involve getting dressed!

  • Lol, it's okay to be in my pajamas all day. I got out of bed didn't I? :-)

  • Punctured Bycicle.....You could be our hero!!

    I had to dress in pyjamas( ahem ...many years ago) to take a bronze award....wait for it ......in LIFE SAVING

  • me too! - I'd drown now.... :(

  • When I was very hypo and managed to get out of bed I felt like a hero. :-)

    (I probably didn't - I suspect I felt a mess - but looking back on the way you feel when you're hypo, getting up is a pretty heroic move.)

  • For the past few days just opening my eyes involves making a heroic effort. I suspect my recent dose reduction may have been a mistake.

    I re-enter the field for the Up T4 or Up T3 Tug of War. Nice thing is I will be the winner woteva :-D

  • Lol, I will be waving a flag for you!

    Is there an olympic sport which involves dragging a lorry on your back? Last time I reduced I didn't know if I was dragging a lorry or if it had run me over.

  • Thought the Uphill Slalom was coming down the stairs and Downhill Slalom, coming down? Such clever answers (who said we have brain fog), we definitely do have our bright moments, don't we! Janet.

  • Clutter you are a tonic always make me smile.!

  • Thank you, P1pp1ns x

  • (N)ICE Dancing - Defy the judges and take NDT. Does it need a licence?

    Curling (up on the sofa)

    Cross Country Eventing - how far can you travel before finding a good endo?

  • Target javelin. (Targets supplied by the BTA).

  • Hard to believe that we have brain fog - clever suggestions all round. Love 'em.

  • sycronised blood testing [ full count only ]

    laboratory level gymnastics .....

  • Vitamin Vaulting (do you or don't you?)

    The GP guideline high jump (must reach 10(ft) before being accepted)

    Moggie x

  • Oh my goodness I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much!

    Moggie - love the 10ft high jump...it SO should be the law! :D

  • Armour throwing?

    1000 meeting wild-goose chase

    All-in wrestling with the medical profession

    And of course, the(blood test)results service...patient nil, endo 4

    (Mental)gymnastics including floored-work,parallel thinking and (re-) volting and hopefully (re-)volution

    Front crawl (for applying to medical professionals by too many of us)

    Now you'll have me thinking about this all evening!

  • PMSL! You lot have been sneaking NDT. No evidence based Brain Fog in your posts.

    I'd like to post this thread on thyroidmom's blog & Twitter later tonight but I shan't if anyone objects. Probably not right for Pulse ;)

  • Oh I dunno ;-) be interesting to see the comments!

  • This is brilliant. I think instead of trying to use reason and logic with GP's we should just print out these amusing frustrations and hand it to them. Much more powerful than wimpy complaining.

  • "Amusing frustrations"? That's endo speak! I think we've been infiltrated:o

  • I wish! I'd start writing a zillion prescriptions.

  • BRILLIANT best laugh i have had in ages ,Iagree with Heloise we should print this up and give to GP'S ,they will probably just smirk.

  • I think my best event would be the Hibernation, Hypothermia & weight gain (without eating) triathlon, closely followed by the 'I've forgotten the word' hurdles. J :D

    oh - & I forgot the synchronised shaking event (sorry just had to get that one out of my head)

  • I've had such a laugh.... you are all so imaginative !

    But I notice that nobody has suggested an FT3 event yet!!

    On second thoughts forget it......by the time we got a result ,the competitors would have all gone home!!!

  • :-D So damn true!

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION ======= all judging to only be carried out by selected committee ----- ABILITY TO BURY HEAD IN SAND , CONFORM WITHOUT QUESTION an absolute nessesetary , ability to bull+++t useful ..[ applications only direct to the gmc] .........

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