Adrenal symptoms vs thyroid symptoms: the emotional stuff

I know I have adrenal issues (confirmed by testing and being treated, apparently with little success) but how can I tell the difference between adrenal symptoms and thyroid symptoms?

I have in the last two weeks gone grey in the face (anaemia?) and am suddenly barely able to cope with minor challenges. I have an ongoing problem with the local council which I thought had been resolved but reared its ugly head again this week, which made me shake and feel like I was barely able to contain myself. Total overreaction. I'm a quivering wreck.

I had been on various supplements but stopped them before my last lot of blood testing in Dec. Then I had a wobble about going back to them because what I'm supplementing (d, b, iron, etc) hasn't been tested in such a long time.

I've got a blood test scheduled for next week: b12, d, iron, ferritin, folates. Hoping to get some answers.

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  • Thanks Marz. I must admit I couldn't understand how to use either of these tables. :-) x

  • Print it off - tick which is you - Adrenal - Mixed - Thyroid and add your score up at the end ! Lots at the end that won't be relevant - so just leave....hope that helps ! :-) x

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