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is this thyroid problem?

symptoms started about 9months ago til now firstly with eyebrow hair loss and didn't really think much of it puffiness above eyes with discolouration or bruising .then tightness in neck,difficulty swallowing hoarseness,lump in top of neck,enlarged larynx and thyroid.told dr of eyebrow hair loss -said not thyroid?nowhave armpit hair loss too

have had TSH result 3.2 btu dr said cant do T3 or T4-labs wont allow it if TSH normal?

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How many symptoms do they need to see? I can diagnose you from here....The NHS has shown it is rather immoveable and rigid about these blood tests. Some have resorted to having tests done through Blue Horizon at their own expense. If you are new, you may not realize the hundreds of posts so similar to your own. Some have even resorted to self medicating but it is not advised even though you could probably do as well as any GP since their basic prescription is the very inexpensive T4 or levothyroxine.

You need to see how you are responding until you reach an optimum dose although I've read instances where patients are stuck on an initial dose. There are many recommendations for you to learn more about your condition which I would urge you to do. You will probably learn more than many GPs which is unfortunate. But don't give up because many have managed to find their way to better health.


I persuaded my GP to increase my thyroxine from 75 mcgs to 100 mcgs when I had a TSH of 2.23.

I sent this article to her before I had my appointment along with a letter saying how I had been feeling and that I also couldn't lose weight. I also quoted that Dr Toft of the British Medical Association had said in his book that some people don't feel well until their TSH is 1 or below.

She agreed to increase my medication and said "I like to treat the patient on their symptoms not their lab results". She took my blood pressure and pulse and was happy that all was well.

I now have a TSH of 0.26 and have recently had blood pressure and pulse taken again in a annual MOT and pulse was 64 blood pressure 124/80. So this would indicate that i'm not suffering from too much medication.

I got a letter from my GP's surgery saying "We will re-test next year"

You really need to persuade you GP somehow to increase you meds. Print this information and any other information you can find to fight your corner. I know how I felt when my TSH was 2.23 and I don't want to go back there.

Good luck.


Tsh of 3.2 is not normal unless your free t4 is at upper end of the range and also your free t3

has your doctor ordered tests for

thyroid antibodies

cholesterol. Is very likely high

ferritin. Is very likely low should be over 70 13-150

folate is also very likely low

All these occur long before doctors manage to face the issue your hypothyroid


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