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Can anyone help with whether or not I have hypothyroidism?

Just had a consultation with my GP regarding blood test results:

•23/4/13 TSH 7.7, Free T4 12.0

•16/1/14 TSH 9.2, Free T4 9.5

•10/2/14 TSH 4.1, Free T4 12

Ranges are TSH - 0.35-5.0, Free T4 - 9-24

The first two results were not reported to me, or anyone, so I was untreated.

The third result was taken after being on combined HRT for a month, and as a result of a nurse finally noticing the previous abnormal results.

I have many severe symptoms of hypothyroidism (weight gain, fatigue, depression, feel cold, high cholesterol, constipation), and also suffer from severe microvascular angina.


1. My GP said the latest results mean I do not need treatment. But I feel dreadful. Is she correct?

2. Any suggestions what I should or could do next?

Thank you in advance from this worried, confused, miserable sufferer!

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You are perfectly within your rights to ask for a trial of t4. All your symptoms point to ht and your tsh has been quite high with low (just in range) t4. If she had done a test for antibodies a raised result would stand you in good stead. Shame no one had a look at the results in Jan rather than let you continue to suffer. Now that your tsh has come back down if she doesn't want to prescribe she may use this to deny you (or at least that is what happened to me). xx


Your GP should test your antibodies. You may have realised that most GPs take no notice of clinical symptoms but rely on the TSH (although they should have notice before your high TSH)


TSH is highest in the morning so if the doctor suggests another blood test for thyroid function get it done first thing in the morning. Then it might be high enough for the doctor to be happy to treat you. I wish you all the best.


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