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Blood test results please and are Green Tea capsuals,any good?

I am Hypothyroid and currently on 125 mcg Levothyroxine.My last blood test was the 4 of Feb where i was given a 25mcg increase. to the above dose,readings were...

Serum free T4 level (XaERr).....17 pmol/ L (9.0-25.0)

Serum TSH level (XaELV) above range 5.6 miu/L (0.3-5.0)-Outside reference range.

Am i right that the T4 is in range because its between the 2 numbers in brackets and the Serum TSH just slightly out as looking to get that between numbers in brackets??

Also i have started putting on a bit of podge around my middle which worries me as diabeties runs in my family.I have been told drinking green tea or using the capsuals will take it off,is this true and is it safe?....Thanks in advance for replies.

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I thought green tea was to be avoided with hypothyroidism because of the high fluoride content! and yes you are reading the results correctly :)


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