errr embarrassed!!! Snoring, is it thyroid related?

Am driving my lovely husband out of bed with this...... was diagnosed with Graves last year, now very well and only on minimum amount of Carb (from 40mg daily to 2.5mg) doing exercise to get rid (oh so flaming slowly) of stone I put on with drug, now weigh 10.5 stone but 5ft 7in height so do not think that is causing snoring. I am sleeping really deeply and not having nightmares I had when hyper...Could thyroid, throat constriction be the problem? Seeing endo next week so appreciate any info on this before I am relegated to single bed in soundproof room....

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  • Interesting question 're thyroid and throat construction and snoring, anybody experienced it?

    With you saying you are sleeping deeply... is it that when you get to bed you are hat exhausted, you are relieved to be in bed, somehow sleep so deeply because of being worn out? Are you refreshed in the mornings?

    I'm.quite interested in sleep issues as due to my ME/CFS and having hypothyroidism, I've been prone to excess sleep that's unrefreshed.

    I've been doing Buteyko breathing, and first and foremost I've been told to sleep with my mouth closed overnight and had to put tape on my mouth. That had the downside of causing skin breakouts and dry lips. But if I don't use it, I know the difference with feeling less refreshed. The idea being is that you are not mouth breathing and therefore not hyperventilating in your sleep.

    I tried the lockared black strap that goes round your head and under chin. I couldn't sleep with it on and found I was getting hot or it was digging in or whatever. To be fair I only tried it a couple of times and went back to tape.

    Overreaching seems to relate to snoring and not feeling refreshed. As does alcohol for some reason.

    I know there's a British snoring association website and they have an in mouth plastic gadget to somehow keep the mouth closed.

    Anything to keep one's mouth closed overnight in my view is good. As is sleeping on your side.

    I'm quite interested in seeing what we can do to improve the quality of sleep.

  • I have read somewhere that snoring & sleep apnea are thyroid symptoms. I can't remember where but I have also found I have been sleeping with my mouth open since I have become I'll, which I don't normally. Not been accused of snoring yet but I often sleep alone as hubby works shifts so who knows?

  • thanks both, can't see me doing the tape (although husband may prefer that in day to shut me up!!) Feel refreshed when I awake but can feel very foggy post-lunch and always if had chance (very rarely) would have little 20 minute siesta, think fiona has point about mouth being open but must take some getting used of.....x

  • I snore when thyroid is low or if I'm much overweight but not usually otherwise

  • Pls forgive me if this is obvious/non-applicable but do you smoke? Snoring improved greatly when I quit, and mine was so bad that on holiday the people in the next cottage could hear and were disturbed by it. (Oh the shame.)

    I do believe that it is related (or can be related) to hypo, if only because if your thyroid is inflamed it can affect your throat and muscles and make it hard to lose weight, but there may be other factors too. My mum has sleep apnea and is hypo but apparently she also has a congenitally narrow trachea.

  • I don't have a problem with snoring, but endo sent me to sleep/breathing clinic. (endo's revenge.) It was interesting talking to the nurse. Snoring is related to thyroid issues and there is help. Can your GP refer you,might be worth it. :)

  • Thanks, poor husband opted for sofa tonight ....

  • Can't help with the snoring but ear plugs for your husband might well help the situation

  • might be an idea!

  • Yes - I've also heard that sleep apnoea and thyroid probs are related, although not sure which is causal - because although enlarged thyroid could easily cause throat constriction while asleep, I also believe that regularly disturbed sleep could affect the development of Graves (no evidence for this though).

    I definitely had snoring and snorting which would wake me from sleep immediately prior to being diagnosed with Graves; this was even though my thyroid was supposedly only minimally enlarged. This was worse when lying on my back, and stopped when the medication started working. Some years before the snoring, though, I developed an annoying "click" when breathing out which I still have, and which I'm convinced is thyroid-related. Interesting to see if that goes, if I opt for the TT.

  • Think you might be on to something here...... instinctively feels right....

  • You're not overweight, so I really doubt it's that. I found mine was better if I didn't lie on my back. Interesting to hear from anyone who's had TT or RAI, and found snoring problems resolved afterwards ...

  • It would be but hope I don't have to face either of those choices....

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