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Is this thyroid related?

Morning all,

I just have a question about recent symptoms which I have been experiencing and whether theses can be attributed to thyroitis especially Hashimotos.

For about 2 months now, I have been experiencing muscle twitches and strange burning or crawling pains in my calfs. I have also been suffering from what I call aphasia where my brain seems to tell me that I cannot understand both written and verbal language (an odd symptom I must admit). I suffer with headaches behind the eyes and what I call 'visual snow' as well as weakness in the right arm. My heart rate is sometimes high, but at other times low and sometimes I feel depressed, fatigued but other times anxious.

Has anyone else had any experience with these symptoms (especially the cognitive dysfunction) and whether this is related to thyroidism or thyroiditis?

Many thanks

Best Wishes

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There could be many reasons for your symptoms, but they could also be thyroid related. Whatever the cause, I would advise you see a doctor as these symptoms could be something else. The neurological problems are concerning and ought to be checked out before putting them down to thyroid, just in case.

Other things to look into are iron, B12 and vitamin D. Don't accept "normal" as an answer; get the actual results and post on here. It may be that you would benefit from supplements. B12 deficiency can cause neurological symptoms as well as the other symptoms you describe.

It would really be a good idea to see your doctor though.

Carolyn x


I agree about seeing your doctor. I did have all these symptoms when I was very hypothyroid - I was taken off all meds to see if I had any functioning thyroid left (I have had a total thryoidectomy!) Also my B12, vit D and calcium levels were very low though not quite below range. I particularly had the calf problem, strangely much worse in the left. As Carolyn says it would be a good idea to see your doctor to have things checked.


Hi this may be diabetes, hormonal and autoimmune. Make sure you have had a Glucose test and HB1Ac, need not be fat etc.Any hormonal problem or electrolytes too low, potassium and sodium ( Us` and E`s)magnesium, separate test and corrected calcium must all be in range, never take D if calcium over range.I hope that helps.

Best wishes,



I notice, too, I haven't been able to get the joke at times. The comedian will set it up and by the time the punchline comes along, I can't remember how it relates. I really have to concentrate. My thyroid levels have been very low lately and I think that's why.


Hi All,

Many thanks for your replies. I've got a thyroid blood test in a couple of weeks to check for under active/over active levels so will see what that brings. Otherwise I'll mention for a general vitamin deficiency test to see if they can do it. I'm just wary that it'll take a while to do all this and the Dr already thinks that I'm a bit of a hypochondriac due what I thought was a cancer scare a few months back. I mentioned MS to him whilst I was there last time (due to twitches and weird lag pain and he thought I was 'clutching at straws!'. I must also add that I'm really clumsy as well!

Anyhow, thanks for listening to me ramble!


Ed x


Clumsy, as in not quite negotiating doorways or not quite spatially perceptive.....guilty of that, too.


Hi Heloise,

My clumsiness is both really, I am knocking more things over and dropping more things than I did previously and my typing is also a lot clumsier. My main concern though is a loss of language ability that I had previously. Can anyone relate to cognitive dysfunction in thyroidism?


Ed x


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