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Is thyroid related to stress

Just wondered if anyone knows if stress can bring on/affect thyroid. I was diagnosed over active with graves a few years ago, with block and replace, I came off and was normal for about 2 years.

In June I had a very stressful month at work and now I am back overactive, taking carb again.

Is this a coincidence or not. I asked the ending if it was related to my stress at work and said said no it wasn't. I was first diagnosed after my dad had cancer and died from the disease which I was also under slot if stress.

Many thanks


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Sorry my phones predictive has gone overactive too !


Is Graves an autoimmune disease? If so it certainly could worsen with stress. I dont have experience with Graves but I'm sure Google does. .. autoimmunity and stress. ...


Thank you that's a very interesting article. I just can't believe my endo said it wasn't related !!


Its a vicious circle. If you have Graves you deal less well with stress and when you are stressed it unbalances your Graves.

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