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Worried about test results, and Low temperature !

Hi, I recently had a private blood test to check my health, and the results suprised me. I have suffered with depression, and over sleeping for a while.

My TSH level was 5.240

T4 level 16.9

Cholesterol level 5.68

Folate ( serum ) level 2.9

Vitamin D 18.1

After reading articles on here about measuring basal temperature, I have measured it, and averages 34 c !

I went to my GP, and they have put me on vit D , and ordered a thyroid retest in a months time.

I have started a fitness regime, and a healthy diet, but do I need to accept that I now need medication ?

I would appreciate any advice given, and wanted to say how much I enjoy this foum.

Thank you, James.

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Hi James welcome to the forum. You are right this is great place to find information and the support is very valuable.

Do you have the ranges of your test results. Your folate looks very low to me but ranges would be helpful to determine how low we are talking. Your vitamin d is also low so it's good that you have been given supplements for that

TSH means you are hypo and will probably need to be on medication. The symptoms you describe are most definitely hypo. Had you not had blood tests you would probably just be told you are depressed and need antidepressants.

I would be good to get iron levels tested too.

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Welcome James

If you were in the USA with a TSH of 3 you would be medicated. In the UK, the level GP's have been told to wait for is 10, so goodness knows how ill people have to be before they get meds.

Some GP's will prescribe if you have symptoms, which most people have anyway, some GP's ignore clinical symptoms or diagnose these as 'separate' to the thyroid gland. These are some links (you are right about low temp and this was another sign doctors used before the blood tests came in yo diagnose hypo).

If you email she has a list of NHS Endos, private doctors one of whom may be near you.

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Thank you for your replies, I had my vit b12 taken also which showed 358 ng/L (191-663) which doesn't seem too bad.

I was addicted to alcohol for 30 years, and stopped over a year ago, so I took the blood test to check my liver function.

I am now training every day, and eat a healthy diet, and am losing weight, but am just concerned about my thyroid now.

As regards having the new blood test I am going to take, would it be good idea to ask them to test the T3, and T4,

or do they just do a basic TSH level ?

Thank you once again for taking the time to reply,



Forgot to say, I have been prescribed anti depressant in the past, but it did nothing for me ( maybe the alcohol was offsetting it ) I drank because I was depressed, and was a vicious circle which made things worse.




Congratulations on beating alcohol. I have a friend who did not make it and I have seen how tough it is. You have done well. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. This is a great place to get support and advice on everything thyroid related. Welcome in board!


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