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Hi all had basic thyroid blood test 7th oct

Do they seem in order getting bad fog days,going weird in head ,lost my sex drive disoriented,can't seem to concentrate,dry skin.doctor put me on viagra which I havnt used yet no partner lol.asked the doc to test my vit d plus full blood test b 12 he told me no when I asked him y he told me I didn't need it.......any how I am seeing a different doctor on tue.

Serum tag level 0.22 (0.27-4.2miu/l)

Serum free t4 level 15.1pmol/L. (13-1-21.3)

Many thanks.

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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure whether you have a thyroid problem, although your FT4 level isn't great. Your TSH level at 0.22 is just below range. Unfortunately your doctor didn't test your FT3 level. If you can afford it you should get the Blue Horizon thyroid test done, because if your FT3 level is low then your pituitary isn't dong its job and your TSH should be high. I would say it's definitely worth ruling it out because your symptoms sound very familiar. There's no point in treating the symptoms with things like viagra when there may be an underlying cause. How about hair falling out, weight gain and tiredness? Do you have those too?

  • Buma,

    TSH 0.22 with FT4 15.1 is euthyroid (normal).

  • Thanks for your reply clutter.any idea what's causing my other problems plus widespread pain all over.

  • Buma,

    Low T3, low vitamin D, low ferritin, low B12 and folate can cause widespread pain, fatigue and low mood.

    It may be worth ordering the Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus 11 which will test FT3 in addition to TSH and FT4 plus the vits and minerals I mentioned.

  • That was a speedy reply clutter I will sort that with blue horizon.how are you feeling clutter?

  • Buma,

    I'm well now thanks :)

  • Good we like feeling sorted eh👍

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