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Historical Results and Pending MP Appointment

A few days ago I posted that my GP was allowing me to use a room so I could see my historical results ( and I said I'd post the outcome. I took my camera and photographed the times I was interested in - roughly 1973 - 1985.

It showed that my memories were accurate. What I remembered being told and what I remembered being tested for were correct. That was positive because it means that I can rely on my memories to use as part of my ongoing research.

As I had remembered, I was tested endlessly for thyroid (which in those days was functioning well and yes, T4 and FT3 were tested several times) it also shows that the main concern was my heart and that I was put on a high dose of beta blockers.

Reading the symptoms they deigned to record, and with the benefit of my current knowledge, it is obvious that I was hypo-adrenal all along. That was never considered. My adrenal function and any other endocrine function was never measured. My failure to improve, or in fact to change at all, was never addressed.

What I have said for many years holds true. If you keep doing the same tests you will keep getting the same answers.

I have emailed my surgery to thank them for allowing me the use of a room. I should add that I wasn't charged.

Onwards and upwards. Off to see my MP on Friday. I am part way through writing what I will say to him. I will be asking him to address 3 main areas I think. 1) Debunking the ME/CFS myth to start ensuring that patients are properly tested and diagnosed with whatever their true underlying condition(s) is. 2) The provision of better testing/treatment for thyroid/adrenal/endocrine patients with particular reference to addressing the total non acceptance of adrenal issues and the failure to address and test for multiple insufficiencies. 3) Addressing the "blame the patient" attitude that is so common, rather than giving thought to the meaning to symptoms and test results.

I don't expect him to leap out of his chair, have a eureka moment, tell me I'm right and he will change the world tomorrow. I just feel that every time one of us complains, writes to our MP, signs a petition, leaves a comment on a story, it is another notch along the way to the time when our opinion will have to be taken notice of and things will start to change.

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Good luck, Rosetrees. It's a shame we have to fight so hard! X


Good for you. When we are feeling unwell and unsupported this kind of thing can take far more resources than we have, so I for one am happy you're going to stand up and say these things not only for yourself but for all of us who are being made short shrift of by our doctors. You've expressed yourself brilliantly in your post which bodes very well for your appointment. I wish you good luck.


Good Luck x


Good luck and best wishes.x


Yes, thank you Rosetrees. Hope your meeting goes well.


Thank you for doing this. x Kat


Thank you Rosetrees!! I wish I had the energy to fight too!!

Angel xxx


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