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Minor Breakthrough - Access to Historical Results


I spoke to my GP today, asking for a set of blood tests. He agreed to all but one and explained that he simply didn't think the lab would do the one we agreed to leave out. (Not T3, I was asking for sex hormones.)

I then asked if I could have a copy of all my notes. He said I could, but it would be "an awful lot of photocopying". So I explained that I didn't really want all the notes anyway, just historical results going back to when I was first ill in 1976. I said that in an ideal world I'd like an appointment with a nurse so that she could give me the results.

He offered me the use of a room when they have a quiet afternoon so that I can sit down with my notes and go through them myself. He said that would "be a lot cheaper" than asking for a set of photocopies and that they were "your notes" so I was entitled to see them if I want to.

He's never taken any interest in diagnosis, symptoms or treatment, but so far hasn't tried to block me from taking control for myself. I know I'm missing something as I've gone backwards in the last few weeks and I'm trying to see if there are any clues buried in my notes. So many things have changed since I started thyroid/adrenal treatment, yet I still have the get-up-and-go of an underactive, elderly, sloth. There's a missing link and I want to see if I can find it.

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I'm so pleased for you rosetrees and hope you manage to find that missing link......good luck and hope it all enables you to find good health.

I too am treading my own path .....a little way to go yet but hopeful of getting results soon that might help me. Needless to say the research,reading and help from this support group has all been an education.It's certainly a long journey isn't it ?

good reply from your gp , what I think you need to do is firstly check on the recent dates that your health deteriated and concentrate on the tests done[ including ranges of each test -- in case other labs were used ] ..... and then work your way forward .....I did this with a years worth of results in my own 'idiot fashion ' and came up with all results t3/t4/tsh/ferretin/folate/vitd/& vitb12 separated and each test result listed on 1 piece of paper [9 full tests ].... my own gp AND the endo thought that it made it easier and simpler to dissect how each was reacting with the meds ......and more importantly I COULD SEE AT A GLANCE EXACTLY WHERE ANY PREVIOUS PROBLEM WAS and how not to treat it my lady has now gone from a tsh of 125.59 to 3.0 a t4 of 5.0 to 16.2 etc. we are getting there and we can all understand ALL the results ......hope this helps ....alan xx.... just to add a little tweek also go back for a short period --- possibly 2-3 months before your health started deteriating and you then felt reasonably well ---- alan xx

Thanks Alan. I'm interested in several periods really. The tests around the period 7 years ago when I virtually collapsed completely for the first time. The period when I was first ill around 1976. My memory of various tests that were done then tells me that at least one doctor from the local hospital in Durham KNEW that my problems were adrenal related but couldn't/wouldn't say. I'd also be interested in the results from around 1983 when I moved to the Guildford area and had the Doctor From Hell - complete with horns, tail and fire coming out of his mouth.

If I'm totally honest I have an increasing urge to write to this bastard (who is still practicing) and tell him what the real diagnosis is and thank him for ruining my life. Not that I'm bitter or anything or that I believe in revenge (a dish which is, I understand, best served cold)

rosetrees wrote

" I'd also be interested in the results from around 1983 when I moved to the Guildford area and had the Doctor From Hell - complete with horns, tail and fire coming out of his mouth. "

Just as an aside, and sorry to interrupt your thread, but personally I think the fire comes out the other end.

rosetrees in reply to humanbean

Trust me. In his case it was the mouth it came out of. Where his mouth was located might be a different story ;)

no sorry it would appear that it was total BULL++T coming from the mouth !!!!!!

just give them the approximate dates [ and allow a period of 2-3 months either side ] for each time .....that will help them to help you !! and cut a lot of work out for them ......with regard to the D R A T S A B I personally would wait until you have the medical facts to prove what you really want to vent your anger to him/her about and then they will get that ice cold dish served up to them -----and make sure that you witness him/ her EATING IT ....... I did this with an endo....sorry Ive just had to spit on the floor who recommended that my lady totally stop all medications for at least 3 months [ at the time she was taking a total of 27 tablets per day - various - ] WHO TURNED OUT TO BE A DIBETEAS DOCTOR [ NOT A SPECIALIST ] ....total pillock ....and that was the kindest word I used to him in front of the chief executive ===== that was when he had to eat the cold plate ====sorry for spitting on the floor but I have to when I think of the pillock ---- it was either that or pin his kahunas to the wall with a rusty 6in nail [ and I didn't think he was worth the effort ] ......hope this may have cheered you up a little ......alan xx

I think I might have to start hoarding rusty nails. Sadly, I don't suppose that I will carry through with the threat and I have no intention of witnessing him eating it. I couldn't bear the thought of having to see him again. Ever.

just think of how good your revenge would really be to actually see him gagging from being force fed .... I have a small stock of the rusty ones if you need them ....if you think of that thought I guarantee YOU will sleep like a likal bubby with a damn great grin on your face [ better than any medication ever available ] .....alanx

Hidden in reply to alangardner

I call it the gluten effect, ie brings on instant diarrhoea when you think of the individual

you are sounding more and more like 'mary f ' ....... I personally call it ' THE SUPER STINGRAY MODE ' koz the stingray never takes any prisoners-------- and I should know because I am that stingray ------ just remember you have to give the others the diaorhea [ and take great pleasure when they find out that the paper aint there !!! .......im having a silent chuckle thinking about it ...!!! alan xxx]

Well done to you and your GP. That is such a reasonable response. I wish my practice didn't behave as if I were some sort of fifth columnist when all I want to do is track my illness in order to become well.

If the missing link has my name on its bottom may I please have it back :)

I have been able to make a graph with my TSH results going back to being diagnosed in 2007. Date on horizontal axis and TSH result on Vertical axis. The result clearly showed a smooth downward curve in the early years as my levo dose increased and my TSH came down. However the last three years have been like a roller coaster ride, due to me having Hashimoto's. Maybe you could do graphs for each of your different tests. Good luck


That's good your GP has allowed you to go through your notes.

I have just read this link which is interesting.


Marz in reply to shaws

Izabella Wentz suggests 400mcg of Selenium in her book.....

shawsAdministrator in reply to Marz

Thanks Marz.

Marz in reply to Marz

...sorry shaws - my comment was meant to be a continuation of your post - I think I know you would be aware of the 400mcg as you often quote Izabella's website etc.... M :-)


That is encouraging and do hope that you're able to glean something relevant. However, he doesn't sound like a decent GP if he's shown zero interest in helping you regain your health.

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