Saw My MP Today

Thanks for everyone's support on my last post. I saw my MP this morning. I'm a political cynic, so I didn't go with any political expectations. I went because I feel the more people that say something the more we raise awareness.

He'd done his homework and knew who I was. He said he would have no problem with referring people to my website - he even suggested that my story was one that should be told to a journalist.

He then suggested that I should think about talking to the Parliamentary Committee on ME. Sadly there's no way that I am well enough to even think of travelling to London, but maybe in the future I might. Who knows.

He asked what did I want him to do - and I said that as well as looking at proper testing for people diagnosed with ME/CFS I would like him to raise awareness of the lack of treatment for people with adrenal issues, which are totally unrecognised. I referred him to Dr Chandy's video on youtube.

The meeting was as positive as I could have hoped for. I have no idea if anything will come of it, he's an MP after all!

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Good for you - he sounds a hell of a lot better than my MP, who has just been booted out of the conservative party for feathering his own nest.

Moggie x

way to go girl , just remember if you cannot get to them , if you push hard enough they may come to you [ all things can be possible ] .....keep going and like me be overtly synical .....alan x

He researched you and must have found you persuasive to suggest you might talk to the Parliamentary Committee on ME. I'd consider that to be very positive.

I think you've done very well and should be proud of your efforts to improve awareness.

Fantastic! Well done you. Impressed that he researched you before meeting you, that speaks volumes im my opinion.


Good work, well done! He listened and was interested enough to suggest what to do next so definitely a result.

Please keep us updated.

There's a parliamentary committee on ME? Really? Is there anyone else on here who has a CFS/ME diagnosis in error who fancies a day out? I'd happily tell them my story!

ooh yes, let's have a big outing - count me in!

If you'd like to tell your story, I have a section on my website for just that. PM it to me and I'll add it. All anonymous.

You can find out about the CFS/ME Parliamentary Committee at the moment on the ME Association site as they have literally just put in the minutes of the latest meeting.

If there is an MP who will listen, I think he or she should be asked why the NHS pays so much for their drugs. My GP won't prescribe my T3 so I have to buy them from Mexico. I'm sure it is because they are so costly for the NHS.

Although that wasn't something I've raised with him on Friday, I did raise just that issue in writing a few months ago. I have a long, rambling reply from Lord Howe somewhere (if I haven't "filed" it). It is certainly a subject I shall be returning to.

Thank you Rosetrees,you have enlightened me. I have been battling with symptoms since 1979 when I had a flu like illness Passed from one doctor to another and dismissed by them all. My symptoms were the same as my friends. She was diagnosed with ME and I was left to struggle on alone.I was diagnosed with "a thyroid problem" in 2009 which has worsened until I found this site and started standing up for myself. I din't realise you had your own website,I've just read the first page and agree with you.Thank you for you efforts and good luck with your battle.xx

Thank you beaton. It means a lot to me to know that my site can help people on their journey. Refer your friend to this site and to mine, perhaps she can be helped too.

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