knew I shouldn't have gone to bed so early

went to bed at 9 last night cos so tired.missed Casualty as a result.woke htis morning at 4am and can't get back to sleep.have a throaty cough and pain in my upper abdomen but that may be cos I didn't take my lansoprazole before going to bed thinking would only sleep fro an hour.also woke with the stiffness in my neck and the lumps from top of neck to thyroid can they say they cant feel anything when the lumps and swelling are very obvious.why do others get a diagnosis and they dismiss me.both dogs came up to bed at somepoint and both nestled up as close as they could get.that tells something

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  • I fully understand your plight, it sounds like a carbon copy of myself.....just hope your doc can help you, mine has not been able to so far.

    Good luck x

  • thank you im glad others ahve the same issues as me .sick of family members who don't know the half of it saying dr s do listen etc

  • i also didnt take my imipramine and had the weirdest my house and woke to find people(ghosts)living in the loft and at first thye made an access hole in the ceiling until I said they could use the loft hatch fro access. thye didnt speak english .then more and more appearing-then being in town with them but not travelling there-just being there.and then being at home with them furnishing the loft dont remember much else btu very weird.

  • It was a nightmare you had and we don't know what causes them but the fact that you are quite unwell and no-one seems to get to the bottom of it despite you trying your hardest may be the main reason.

  • Know the feeling with the reflux when I miss the Lansoprazole. I take mine in the morning, though, so have all day to take it if I remember that I forgot it (if you get what I mean). I also have crap dreams - I have fibromyalgia where level 4 deep sleep is low, and that causes some right dreams!

  • I was told to increase my lansoprazole to 2 a day so one in the am and one at night.level 4 deep sleep?noone has ever said anything about sleep levels but then when I was diagnosed in 2005 the rheumy only said it s fibromyalgia and nothing about it or what to expect.and thrust a leaflet in my hand

  • This is an excerpt from Dr Lowe:-

    You’ve apparently tried to get an accurate diagnosis from physicians who lack skills at what’s called “pathognomy” (pa thog’ no mē). This term means the study and knowledge of the symptoms and all other characteristics of a disease. The term comes from the Greek for “skilled in judging disease.”

    When you find a competent physician, he or she will practice pathognomy. Years ago, I invented the term “extremist medical technocrat” during an interview with Mary Shomon. What I meant by this term is that most conventional physicians don’t practice pathognomy; instead, they practice a extreme medical technocracy. That is, they focus solely on lab test results, stair into their computers screens rather than you without giving you so much as a glance or permitting you to express yourself. In my view, for a physician to fail to embrace and practice pathognomy is to forsake his or her patients, such as you.

  • actually it sounds to me like your getting a cold and sore throat on top people should maybe relax a little more about the thryoid and it will all balance out I've had first over and now under active for 30 odd years now

  • my throat is fine.thyroid is cause of hairloss and weight loss??

  • Hey r0dg3r,

    sorry I just feel compelled to reply to your very insensitive response above......when you are still undiagnosed like some of us here and you have terrible, terrible symptoms, how can you relax? ........ Even when you take things easy, it still does not 'balance out'. I have been suffering for over a year and there is no let on.

    We are all here needing advice and support which we don't get from the medical professionals, and would appreciate a little bit of sympathy from fellow sufferers like us.


  • HEAR! HEAR! thank you LV fro your response to r0dg3r.its doctor s that need to recognize symptoms and make diagnosises.i have been suffering for 2.5 years and not one actual diagnosis apart from fibromyalgia in 2005.

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