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Early Morning Energy - where has it gone??


Hi all! I take my 3 x 60mg Thyroid S at 6am when I first wake. This morning, I thought "I could get up and hoover now, I feel like doing it". I didn't as it would have set all the animals off, so I dozed off again. I woke about 8am but felt completely sluggish and had little enthusiasm but I mucked out my horse and groomed her and then felt like I'd climbed Mount Everest and flagged for a while in the chair! If I get up too early I can't make it through the day without a nap. At 8am, I feel like I need extra tablets, I don't take any of course. Does anyone else find "a lay in" has a negative affect?

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hi loobieloo, why didnt you get up and stay up at 6am?

get yourself ready, straighten things up in the house, walk the dog(s) say hello to the horse(s) have breakfast and start the day with flying colours.

the other thing i would do, is, spread out the pills. one in the morning 6ish then l hour after lunch and one befor bed.

i take thyroid-S. but with t3 at the moment. i take the t3 befor bed and ndt in the morning.

next week i am on two ndt only and i will do the same, one in the am and one at pm.

ndt has t3 in it and t3 only lasts 12 hours and it is gone. i dont know about the other t's but t4 last very long more then 24 h.

as t3 is the active hormone and the one that keeps us moving.....my thought is, I need it refreshed during the day.

try differend methods in taking your meds.

eg one in the morning, two after lunch

. two in the morning, one after lunch......

maybe that is what you need to figure out?

if you take supplements, that will make the 3 times a day ndt taking tablet very hard, as you need to leave 4 h around taking your thyroid meds.


Bunnyjean in reply to Hidden

I take thyroid s 2 in the morning around 6am and 1 other at around 2.30pm in the afternoon.

I was on 2.5 per day but felt tired, now on 3 for only 2 days.

I walking the dogs at around 7am for 1hour. I am 71 years old so have slowed down a bit naturally.

I wonder if you are taking enough? It might be better to split your dose. Have you had your FT3 tested lately?

Hello Bunnyjean - out of interest, were you on Thyroxin and if you were how much did you take please? I was on 100mcgs but find I need a bit more NDT than the comparison table would indicate. I hope you don't mind me asking. I can't decide if I am taking enough or not enough as I don't seem to feel quite right either way. I was taking 3 and felt great to start with but then I felt completely zapped of energy so I wondered if it was a bit much. I have taken 2 first thing this morning and still feel like I have enough energy, which is good but my head and eyes feel tired, so I could do with a doze to clear my head, then I would feel chipper. Perhaps like you I need to take 3 a couple of times a week but otherwise, stick to 2 or 2.5. It sounds to me like you are doing really well on your dose, it is wonderful to be able to walk the dogs for an hour, at the moment, I would be on my knees!! I know there is a fine line between being hypo and hyper so I am very aware of this and am trying to find the balance. Thank you very much for your reply! You are a very inspirational lady xx PS I do need to get my FT3 tested you are quite right but I was waiting until I had been on Thyroid S for 6 weeks, I will then get in touch with BH. Thank you again! :)

Hi I actually was on the same dose as you. I followed the info on this site and stopped Levo and started on Thyroid s the next day 1/2 a grain only and increased by 1/2 every 10/14days until I reached 3 per day. I was feeling well until I went to have my blood test it read FT3 was slightly over so I moved back to 2.5. That was last autumn.

I still felt very tired ( my only symptom) so last week increased to 3 again and so far I feel a lot less tired.

You have increased quite quickly it will get better I am sure.

It's a waiting game you need plenty of determination and patience.

Before I had my thyroid removed Oct 2015 I was never felt ill or took any medication.

It's a great shock to the body it doesn't know how to manage what's happened to it.

Hi Bunnyjean, thank you for your message. I did reduce my tablets to 2 but I felt very tired, I took 2.5 yesterday but I still felt tired, I slept soundly for about 8.5-9hrs. I also noticed that I wasn't full of energy. It is so hard Bunnyjean, I know it is a time thing and I must be patient, I do take on board what you are saying. I seem to have been having similar symptoms throughout though, whether it's been Thyroxin, Armour or Thyroid S. To start with Armour did help and then some of my symptoms bled through. I changed to Thyroid S and again, to start with I felt better but now I don't feel so great again. One day at a time, just lately I have had a puffy face, lacked energy or been tired. I just wish I could find the answer, I have been Hashi's since 2011. Still waiting to feel like my old self but I will keep going, there has to be life after Hashi's. I am splitting my doses, yesterday I took 2 at 6am and 1/2 at 12 noon. Today I look 2 at 6am and 1 at 12 noon. I might only need 2 1/2 most days then 3 a couple of times a week. I will carry on and solution there should be :) Thank you again for you message xx

It's hard I know I wonder sometimes if I will every be back to normal.

I just want to get 85% of my old self back. Let's wait and see!

Hi Bunnyjean, I think there are many of us aren't there, all striving to feel good again, fighting our battle. Finger's crossed we will!! I do have good days then I also have wonderful days when I would say that I feel amazing, like I am floating on air because I feel so healthy & well. I am grateful for those "wonderful days" but would happily accept a majority of "good days". I suppose if we didn't have the bad days, we wouldn't appreciate the good ones! Says she trying to be optimistic!! :) Do you every get "wonderful days or good days?"xx

loobieloo123 in reply to Hidden

Hi mojas, thank you for your reply. I take on board what you are saying, you do have a point. I felt awful at 6am today but I did get up because we were going out and I had animals to sort before I went, I had energy but my head and eyes felt tired. I only took 2 x 60mgs of Thyroid S, planning to take the next one around 12 noon which didn't happen as I had eaten at 10am and then had a very light lunch at 1.30pm so still waiting to take the next one. This kind of thing happens alot as I am in and out a fair bit, so it is difficult to work out a strict routine so either I cant take one or I forget :( I don't eat breakfast but I do like a coffee at 8am & 10am. I take 2 at 6am ish as I need lots of energy first thing, then hopefully another one at 12 before lunch at 1pm. I did find with Armour that if I took it too late, I didn't sleep. I seem to spend all my life, like most of the other ladies here with Hashi's, trying to feel good. There are several days when I land up taking 2 x Ibuprofen. I think I need to get some bloods done through BH as I do feel there is something else going on. It is now after 4pm and I still have energy but my eyes are still tired and I would like a doze. I hope I don't sound like I am moaning. I will play around with times to see what works. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really will try different tablet times to see what is best :) xx

Hi loobieloo

Yes, I am the same as you re waking. i.e. if I wake at 5.30am say, I have to get up there and then. If I sleep a further hour, I wake feeling awful: headachey, groggy, more muddle headed. Luckily I am an early bird anyway and am usually awake and up by 6.45-7am.

As per your other replies, I would also suggest your spread out your medication to at least 2 points during the day, to emulate what your body would normally be producing, to give you energy throughout the day.

I take my first dose [1.5 grains NDT] in morning, by 9am, then second dose [1.5 grains] about 12 noon, and a third dose [1 grain] about 3pm. I find this helps spread energies for me throughout a day.



loobieloo123 in reply to hels333

Hi hels333, thank you for your reply. I am not the only one then who feels groggy. I always was an early bird but a few months ago, I found I just wasn't waking up, it was always 8am. I think that I got into a bit of a habit and now that I have changed from Armour to Thyroid S, I do feel a bit more awake a bit earlier. I should take advantage of that. The only thing is, I did get up earlier this morning but my energy levels were good and still are but I have a heavy head and tired eyes. I either have one or the other or both!! I will definitely split my doses. I had read on here that some people find no difference in taking it all in at once and others say split. I guess it is best to work out what suits you as a person, we are all different. I did feel quite good initially, taking it all at once but then I seemed to go "splat". I am continually asking why I don't feel right - was it because I was a bit stressed last week or was it the cough/cold that I had. I have also read that the stress and infections affect your thyroid medication and/or your adrenals. All we all want is to find continuous wellness....to feel like we did before the onset of Hashi's! That is my goal, I will fight on but we do have a tricky disease don't we!! I tell myself, it could be worse!! Thank you Helen, for your kind advice :) x

One thing to bear in mind...

People think of needing energy during the day and not needing energy while they sleep. This isn't actually accurate when it comes to T3 though. T3 is an essential ingredient in body repair processes that go on through the night.

In a healthy person producing their own thyroid hormones the amount of T3 produced between 10pm and 10am is slightly greater than that produced between 10am and 10pm.

Unfortunately, taking T3 in the evening can be difficult for many people. The effect on the heart of T3 speeding it up can make sleep difficult. High cortisol at night will contribute to this I think.

There is also an effect on cortisol levels taking T3 in the hours before normal waking. In fact, Paul Robinson's Circadian T3 Method relies on this for people with poor adrenal function. (I couldn't explain what the connection is though.) You can see his website here.


Thank you very much humanbean, that is a very informative message. Really interesting! Thank you for the link, I will read it with interest. I know my adrenals aren't great, I think that may well be the problem. Kind of you to reply! :)

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