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My doctor has made an urgent referral to an endo ( whose name is on recommended docs list) today as she feels there is more going on than just an underactive thyroid. I feel awful and my results have got worse not better since taking levo. Does anyone know roughly how long an appointment takes to come through? I know someone who works with this doctor in a private clinic he also runs who can get me a private consultation on tue eve and my family have kindly offered to pay for this as they know how ill I am at the moment. I don't want to take their money unnecessarily though so unsure whether to take the private consultation or wait for the NHS one?

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Hi clean, I've been posting these 5-min. videos for the 22 different reasons for low thyroid symptoms. Since you say your doctor thinks something else is going wrong or interfering with your thyroid levels but just adding hormone doesn't really address those issues.

If you have a bit more information, I could post the ones that may apply. Do you have antibodies? Are you very deficient in ferritin, folate, vitamin D (cofactors)? These can interfere with thyroid function. This video is in regard to cortisol suppressed receptors. It will give you an idea of the side issues.

Thank you, not been tested for antibodies yet and waiting for cortisol and celiac to come back frustratingly! Ferritin, follate and b12 are very much on the low side though.

Yes, it seems as if cortisol is a big problem along with unstable glucose levels probably because of the modern diet. This video pertains to cofactors and you might learn something. It is a very complicated condition and I see why they prefer to keep it simple by not learning too much about it.

This is about TPO antibodies.

You can always phone his secretary and make it clear that you will make yourself available for a short notice cancellation.

You also need to ask your GP, if you do choose the private route, if she will be prepared to still do all blood, and other tests he might want to do (adrenals etc), on the NHS or you may find yourself stuck with a private endo and no means of paying for further investigations.

I got an earlier appt with my endo due to regular contact with his secretary and it was only a couple of weeks wait.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x

Thanks for replying, you kindly replied to me yesterday also and you were right, my doctor thinks there is a a strong possibility I have hashimotos. Unfortunately the celiac results still aren't back. She is happy for me to have the first consult privately as it is the endo she has referred me to. I've bitten the bullet and made an appointment for the eve so I can get the ball rolling. I am a single mum of 2 and I just need to get better ASAP and so far levo has made me very ill unfortunately.

Glad your GP is so supportive - lots you hear of on here are not - and good luck with the endo's appt. Please let us know how you get on wont you.

Moggie x

I'm concerned that if it is an endo you're seeing he will not know or be interested in anything else that may be wrong outside his area of expertise. I'm sending you a PM of a private clinic where it may be more worthwhile spending your money if you want to go private. They check everything, not just thyroid issues. Jane x

Thank you for the information. The doctor is confident that the endo can deal with this in ways she cannot, eg test for and prescribe T3. She feels I could have hashimotos or the problem might be in my pituitary gland rather than the thyroid. If I get no joy I guess I will have to look further afield but fingers crossed he can fix me ASAP.

I hope so too. Jane x

Hi I would be interested too of private clinic.

I have some autoimmune issues, and also probs with calcium, vit d. Thankyou.

Can u also send me the details please

I went private as I would have had to wait 3 months for an NHS appointment. I think you get better support if you go private too

Hi The important thing is to see and Endo, not a private doc. Advantage of an endo privately is they have more time, not so governed by hospital rules. also usually no wait. If you see a Private Endo,. all tests, drugs via doc, not if private doc., as quite different.For speed book an appointment and take the referral with you by hand.

Best wishes,


Hope it goes well and you are soon feeling better

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