Here I come again

Hi, I know I put this on a few days ago, but I feel moved to load it up again. It only takes second to sign and petition and minutes to finish the process off by passing it on via groups, social network, email etc. This is so important LDN is drug which can and already does help many many people with a wide range of autoimmune conditions. It is only going to make progress in GP surgeries if people stand up to be counted! Why is it so hard to get hold of? Simple - it is cheap and it works, so Big pharma can't make their profit out of it: Please join in and help and spread awareness, thank you to all those who have signed and share so far: and film explaining what LDN is and what it can do:

Many thanks. MaryF x

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  • I've gladly signed.

  • Thank you so much and please if you can push the petition and film out there via email and social network... it would really help. MaryF x

  • Signed and passed on.

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Signed x

  • Great, thank you, and please pass it on if you can. MaryF x

  • Signed and put on Facebook x

  • Thank you. MaryF x

  • Signed and posted on Facebook :-)

    Incidentally, there is a project for a documentary film for LDN that requires sponsors. You can sponsor here:

  • Thanks, and yes, some of my friends have already donated recently! MaryF x

  • :-) Thats brilliant, we're all in this together!

  • xx Mx

  • That looks interesting Mary, what is wrong with you and would this help... I have (allegedly) Graves...

  • My profile explains my disease and you need to approach The LDN Research Trust to have your questions answered! and thanks. MaryF x

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