A very important petition re patient choice

Hi guys. patients need choice and the NHS needs cheap drugs that work... many doctors do not know about LDN or are reluctant to prescribe, it is a very cheap and cost effective treatment for many with autoimmune disease, please sign and don't just sign pass it on please, awareness needs to be raised as to why the public have to fight to get this drug and why big pharma and the regulator appear to be at the bottom of it's lack of progress onto the market:


MaryF x

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  • Just signed.


  • thank you this is so very important for patient choice please pass on widely . MaryF x

  • Signed and shared :)

  • Thank you this is the sort of action required to help. MaryF x

  • duly signed , and will pass on to as many others as possible ...alan xx

  • thanks.. it really needs awareness raising...people should be able to get this from their GP for autoimmune disease... it has the same air of suppression as natural thryoid treatments... ie big pharma rules and controls medical regulatory decisions. M x

  • Thanks Mary. I will sign and pass on. Autoimmune in my family.

  • This is a National and European scandal.. it works, it helps.. is cheap... and that is precisely why they want to stamp it out.. imagine all those expensive drugs they can't flog... any help to raise this to thousands and thousands of signatures would help. MaryF x

  • Now at 4,082. 5,000 needed!

    Done ;)

  • Thanks over a 100,000 will be needed to make that difference, thanks for signing, please circulate if you can, I am trying to get this pinned on some forums as many thryoid patients take it due to autoimmune disease. Thanks. MF x

  • Must have misread. Thank you Mary x

  • Thank you for helping! MaryF x

  • Have just signed :) Add another one on.

  • Thanks and please share petition plus film widely it helps people understand. Dr Chris Steele is doing a great thing here and we the public should give it support as it is us who it can benefit. MaryF x

  • I do get tired of people putting down a string of 3 letter capital letters as if everybody knows what they mean! I have no idea what you mean by LDN or many of the other 3 letter puzzles that occur continually and VERY irritatingly on this site. Why can't people just say what they mean.

  • I am so sorry that you are so very irritated..the drug is known as LDN, written about as LDN but it's full title is Low Dose Naltraxone, do feel free to opt out of any community minded effort, it really is not compulsory - just doing this for the good of the public so that we can have access to yet another drug which works. yours not angrily MaryF x

  • I signed and shared it on facebook Mary, will tweet it now. Yet another drug we are prevented from accessing. Anyone would think they wanted to keep us ill. Perish the though ;-)

  • I thought perhaps a motorized barrage balloon with LDN on the side might be the next thing.....MaryF x

  • Hahahahaha with you hanging on the end to prove how well it works...that would be hilarious! :-D

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