What can I do next? Bloods normal docs given me ads and said my symptoms are psychological

Been feeling extreme tiredness muscle and joint pain, headaches,visual disturbance,intolerance to cold,shortness of breath,pins and needles in toes to name but a few and generally feel unwell. Been to gp had bloods done came back normal no further action. Was given ads even though I told him I wasn't depressed as I'd been there before and this was soo different. My mum and all three of her siblings have thyroid problems of varying degrees but l haven't been asked about my family history,and didn't like to mention it as drs tend not to like being told you think you know what may be wrong as I feel I'm exhibiting all symptoms my mum has.due back at drs in next week or so as ads have made no difference to the way I feel, what's the best way to tackle a doc that MAY on this occasion be wrong?

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You need to ask for a copy of your blood results and post them up on here. You're entitled to have them.

Thanks I will do not sure how to interpret them but I'm sure you'll help! Was thinking about being referred to an endocrinologist for further testing what do you think?

I would start by asking advice here, to be honest, once you've posted your results (make sure you get the reference ranges too). Many endocrinologists are specialists in diabetes and have no special knowledge about the thyroid at all. Doctors are taught that treating hypothyroidism is a simple job that just needs to be left to GPs and doesn't need the services of a specialist in a hospital setting, so the level of expertise is generally abysmal.

There are some endocrinologists who are good, and I believe Thyroid UK has a list of some doctors worth seeing - but I don't know the details.

It is a big learning curve and you have to read and learn as much about the thyroid gland. There is lots of information on the main site. Our vitamin levels should be optimum and never take 'normal' as a diagnosis when you still feel ill.


Always get copies of your blood tests for your own records and you can post them if you have a query but they must have the ranges stated too, as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment.

The fact that thyroid gland dysfunction runs in your family is a very important fact. Many GPs diagnose by our blood tests alone and treat clinical symptoms (of which they appear to know nothing about) as entirely different problems, rather than integrated with the thyroid gland.

I hope you feel better soon. If he hasn't checked your Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these as we are usually deficient and our vitamins/minerals should be at a good level.

When you get your blood tests, don't take your medication in the morning, take it afterwards and have the blood test as early as possible.

The problem is that many GPs do not know the clinical symptoms that hypothyroidism has if not adequately treated. They diagnose by your TSH alone and pronounce its nothing to do with the thyroid gland. This is a link about a previous thread which will be helpful:-


Thanks everyone! Just having someone to sound off with helps and I'm more determined to stand firm with my gp. I've researched quite a bit and I'm sure I have an issue with my thyroid but in the back of my mind I still think maybe the doctor is right ! I'm just neurotic! Have taken the ads as prescribed and have kept a daily diary but I still feel trapped inside a body that just doesn't want to work.will ring gp tomorrow for a copy if my results

Ask for a referral to a psychiatrist and let them assess you. And post your blood results here just in case your gp is not flagging up a legitimate case of ht, which we see time and time again.

Neurosis is as common as obesity or dermatitis but it doesn't cause hypothyroidism, nor does being psychologically healthy cure or prevent it. You can be ht (and be treated with the meds that your body needs) and still be neurotic! It's apples and oranges.

Yes phone and ask for a copy of your results. I was advised to do that on here. Once I posted them, I got so much advice, info and support! Anti D's won't cure your thyroid problem. I've been on them for 7 years, and couldn't work out why I still felt so low and tired . Now I know, thanks to this forum. It's an ongoing battle with a lot of GP's . Good luck and keep in touch :-))

Hi missunderstood1

Iv just been through the same my bloods av cum bk normal,I went overactive four times so I know the symptoms..but doc won't budge I have all the symptoms of overactive glands.. docs go too much off bloods n not off the symptoms..my mum n sisters ad thiyroid problems..when i told the doc he didnt wanta know said it did not reflect on me. I know thats wrong but how do u pull a doc up for being wrong.the only advise I can give u is per sue it don't give in..docs can b wrong

Good luck hope u get sum answers :-)

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