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Hi this needs a hand, I myself take LDN and NDT and have many conditions, I do all the right things with diet and keep my levels of Vitamin D, B12 and Iron as good as I can... however there is no way I can get rid of any of the fatigue without the NDT and LDN....establishment do need to be challenged about their terrible research!

Only people power changes situation, apathy goes nowhere!


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  • Signed :-) x

  • great share widely if you can xx

  • Signed via Dr M :-) xox

  • great keep sharing x

  • Signed Mary x

  • pass it on widely... Maryx

  • Signed it Mary

  • pass it on down the line x

  • Sent the link to a fellow sufferer to sign if they wishes to..

  • thanks the more shares the better x

  • Signed. Clemmie

  • Thanks keep it going if you can x

  • Just signed Mary.


  • great news see if you can pass it on to others, great M x

  • Signed and shared, Mary.

  • Thanks x

  • Signed !

  • Signed ❤️

  • Done!

  • Done.

  • Done.

  • I think that I put it on my Facebook page...who knows. x

  • Done! :-)

  • Signed.

  • Signed xx

  • Signed and passed on already

  • Done..fb'd and twitted

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