Is undiagnosed and untreated Helicobacter pylori one of the possible root cause for Graves?

H. pylori is treated by antibiotics. If this bacterial infection was diagnosed and eradicated properly, would that prevent Graves developing? Would its treatment reverse Graves?

Autoimmune thyroid diseases and Helicobacter pylori:

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  • Thanks for posting - good and interesting questions.

    Answers? Hmm, time will tell but we can hope. :-)

  • Thank you for making the link work!

  • I watched a YouTube video last night on thyroid disorders and the doctor mentioned h. Pylori,I can't remember what he said about it though. If you want to see the video it's done by a doctor called dr david Clark,the videos are called hidden cause # (then followed by a number,I only watched 1-5 so it will be one I them )

    Hope I helped :)

  • I'm looking into this, I was researching gut health and came across a American doctor and a hr vidio, will post link if I can remember, he felt all autoimmune are virus related, basically this is how they start. It was brilliant!!! I agree with you in terms of pylori. You can be tested quite cheaply from mirios, think that how it's spelt. X

  • apparently H Pylori is quite common.

    Here's a link to Myrios :D

    Some other private labs here...

  • I've found it, check out my post, it's on you tube, can't down load the link, well worth the watch, even just for knowledge. It's a hr long and informative. Let me no what you think. X

  • I had h pylori. Then graves!

  • I was diagnosed and treated for helicobacter p. in 1997, but developed Grave's Disease in 2004/5. Helicobacter seems to be one of the predisposing factors for developing autoimmune thyroid disorders.

  • I've never heard of this!! But it caught my eye as I have helicobacter too and can't get rid of it either, using traditional or natural remedies!...and after being ill for 3 yrs then they found nodules & diagnosed with thy cancer....maybe not just autoimmune diseases!!!

  • I've had H Pylori for minimum 4 years and I STILL have it. I do not have graves but I am hypothyroid and have pernicious anaemia.

    I am just today finishing a 2 weeks course of antibiotic eradication, last time it did not work, this time I am confident it will work as I followed my private doctor recommendation of taking De-Noltab instead of proton pump inhibitors and made sure my diet is sugar and carbohydrate free with lots of fat.

    I will re-test in 6 weeks time to make sure it's gone

  • Thank you all for your replies! I'll watch the videos and will get back to you.

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