Do I have a Thyroid problem ?

This last week I have been feeling really ill, but not knowing what's wrong. I have a really tight feeling in my throat, coughing to the point I cannot stop. headaches and dizziness my Husband says I have been unbearable for being extremely moody and it verges from extreme anger to feeling emotional. My eyes are blurred, there are just so many things that are happening that i feel out of control. Could this be a thyroid problem as my Nan and My Aunty have thyroid problems.

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  • Sorry to hear you're not well. Has your gp tested you for thyroid problems? Some of your symptoms could be related but they're too general to attach specifically to thyroid issues. I have similar symptoms when I have a sinus infection or don't get enough sleep.

  • I have had previous tests which have come back normal and I have made another appointment with my GP so I shall request some tests I think. Thanks for replying.

  • If you've been tested already, ask for a copy of those results. 'Normal' only means within range. I feel very different at the top of the range than I do at the bottom. If you get a copy and bring it here (post the results and ranges) someone will give you an idea of whether or not your thyroid is going haywire.

  • I haven't got a copy I'm afraid, but will get information from GP when I do have the next tests done and post them on here.

  • Hi not sure if this will help but I was constantly coughing for ages and found according to the dr it was acid reflux rather than asthma causing it. Worth speaking to GP or perhaps tring some over the counter meds to try yourself first- I think its called Nexus control or something like that? I had advice on another web site that it could be low acid rather than high acid if it was connected to hypo thyroidism . Eitehr way gp gave me Omniprazole which I'm not too happy about taking but it does s top the constant coughing.

  • Thank you for replying and it's worth mentioning to the Doctor which I will do next week. I just want to feel well again.

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