Requesting an ultrasound scan

I was diagnosed officially with Hashimoto's last week but I was diagnosed hypothyroid in May last year. I am working my way up to requesting an ultrasound scan through my GP practice for a possible nodule I can feel, but these are my concerns:

* I am currently under the care of an Endo who is looking after my thyroid issues and I don't see her until 15th April.

* I had an ultrasound scan done in February 2012 through my previous practice. The scan was found to show my thyroid as bulky on one side - the sonographer's words, not mine - and this report seemed to go missing between the hospital and the GP practice at the time. The only report that has been located and transferred to my patient record between practices is the MRI report which was - yes - normal.

* My GP keeps examining my neck and says it's all fine, so I'm led to believe that I'm imagining it.

I don't know how to go about asking for a scan. I mean the doctors are the people who should be doing these things and that's what's putting me off asking them. I've since emailed my endo's secretary but I don't know what more I can do.

It's making me want to give up and stop taking my meds. :(


Jo xxx

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This is confusing, I started to reply to your earlier post about stopping thyroxine but my tablet ran out of battery and now can't find your post, have you deleted it?

Hi, yes. I deleted it as I don't really want to stop the meds. My mind is just all over the place and I feel like I'm getting nowhere with anything - the meds, how I've been feeling, the doctors, etc.

Jo xxx

Jo you have posted two posts about stopping your meds but they have both disappeared?

Yes, I can put this post back up if you'd like. I was just worried about being told off. :(

Jo xxx

Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face, Jo! Stopping your meds won't reduce 'bulkiness' or a swollen nodule. Taking your meds as directed might and will hold at bay the symptoms you were experiencing prior to medication.

Ask the GP. If s/he says no, then write to the Endo requesting it, explaining what the sonographer said and how the report is missing/lost.

Hi Clutter. I don't want to stop the meds but some people have said I'm being a hypochondriac.

Should I write to the endo's secretary in that case? I have the hospital's address.


Jo xxx

Stop listening to ignorant, know-nothing, unsupportive people who think they know more about your illness and symptoms than the GP and endocrinologist treating you. If he can't support you while investigations are made and a treatment plan worked out tell him to sling his hook.

Oh no it isn't my partner. ;) I've said nothing to him about my illness for about a week. He knows about the Raynaud's and he understands that a bit better - I talk to him about that as it's something he can physically see. No, people online have been saying things. Not on this site, another site.

Jo xxx

My bad! Sorry for assuming it was your partner. Tell the online people to sling their hooks. You don't need unkindness & spite, particularly when you're unwell, anxious and unsure about your health and treatment. Avoid negative people, Jo, they'll make you feel worse.

LOL no worries! :) He hasn't been too bad lately. I'll go ahead and tell the online people to sling their hooks then. ;)


Jo xxx

Hi Jo!

I obviously don't know your medication or amount but given you have Hashi's, it would be very unwise to stop your medication. It's a permanent condition. You are in the early stages of diagnosis so you will probably be on a low starting dose. I think that as your correct dosage is eventually reached (this takes time, one has to go very gradually increasing) you will find the area at the front of your neck will feel more comfortable and less noticeable. That is what I have found.

May I suggest that you read Dr B Durrant-Peatfield's book (Amazon or library):

Your Thyroid & How to Keep it Healthy.

(He writes as if talking to you!) Don't worry about the 'scientific bit'-read the rest.You could also look at the following website for just about everything healthwise:

When we're this ill, it's hard to feel confident. But you know your body and it's no-one else's!

All good wishes


Hi Rosemary thanks for your comment.

I'm on levothyroxine at 150mcg. That to me sounds like a lot and I was on that since October.

Doses have been set out as:

25mcg - 2 weeks (started May 2013)

50mcg - 2 weeks

75mcg - 3 months onwards

Thanks for the link. I'll look at that and think about buying it as I have to watch my money (I don't work and I'm on JSA)

My partner has been giving me grief and making me feel bad since my doctor has signed me off for 2 weeks, but I've now stopped listening to him and just done things my own way.

Jo xxx

I'm slightly confused by dosage 75mcg from 3 months onwards. When did Endo increase this dose and over what time span? Dr Peatfield's book is a must. (I'm on pension credit so I know about finances!) But a library could get a copy for you I'm sure. Also you could google turn2us - a charity which can point you in the right direction for financial help.

Re your non-understanding partner, again I sympathise. Mine left as soon as I became ill. Not easy but oh so much better. If someone cannot support us we have to think twice. It sounds as if you are beginning to take charge of yourself. This is serious stuff. So just do everything you need to do for yourself. You are valuable to the world.


Hi, Endo didn't increase this - GP did.

Time span for each dose is:

25mcg - 23 May 2013 -- 06 June 2013

50mcg - 07 June 2013 -- 21 June 2013

75mcg - 22 June 2013 -- 12 August 2013

125mcg - 13 August 2013 -- 11 November 2013

150mcg -- 12 November 2013 -- onwards

Yes, my partner hasn't left me - we're still getting on well together as long as health issues don't come into our conversations. I'm just doing things for myself now as he and my grandparents don't really understand what's going on with me. They understand my mum's multiple sclerosis but not my Hashi's.


Jo xxx

I'd be asking for a scan as they lost the other one AND a fine needle aspiration to set your mind at rest that nothing more complex is going on. I had both these - FNA did not hurt and took a weight off my mind. x

Hi Tilly

I don't know how to go about asking my endo for this but I have written a letter that I'm sending to her today. The secretary did not reply to my email as I'd hoped so the next plan of action is a letter asking for an ultrasound and FNA.


Jo xxx

befriend the hospital secretary, I practically grovel. It seems to help. Always, always take someone with you to any GP or hospital appointments and ensure they take a notepad and write down what replies they give. This tends to work wonders. Even if you feel cr*p try to be smart, I know it's horrible but you get more attention. In the mean time, read up on your condition, have you thought about diet (I don;t do wheat, cut down dramatically on caffeine, and less booze, check out Low Fod map diet and I also do Paleo - Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfillipo has proved very useful and easy to shop for and incorporate in normal life (whatever that is!) I also go for acupuncture and massage, possibly not doing anything but I am well at the moment. I think asking for FNA given your worries is not a big ask. x

Hi Tilly, thanks for your reply.

I have someone coming with me to my hospital appointment Friday. We're getting a taxi together and she's going to get a flask of coffee made up as we'll be out for a while.

Ditto about the massage - I go for reflexology once a fortnight and art therapy once a week. The art class helps me go out for a bit and the reflexology seems to give me fizzy feelings in my calves but I take that to mean it's working! ;)

Jo xxx

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