New (partial) diagnosis for an old problem

After nearly ten years of feeling tired, unbearably heavy periods, depression, and aches and pains, I have been told that I have a problem with my thyroid. Hallelujah. I went for an ultrasound for something unrelated, and the person dng it spent a while scanning my thyroid and asking me questions abut it. I then got a letter asking me to go for a biopsy, and it turns out I have a lump on one side of my thyroid. What amazes me is that I have been telling my doctor that I have hypo for all this time, asking for blood tests, and being told I'm 'normal and should try to lose weight'.

I am so happy to have found this forum. I have been reading others' accounts and shouting 'that's the same as me!'. It saddens me that so many people go through the same symptoms and are overlooked. My advice to anyone who thinks they might have a thyroid problem, or have a list of symptoms as long as their arm, is to keep on at your doctor. I'm not out of the woods yet, though, in terms of diagnosis. My doctor has said that I do have a problem, but my levels are normal. I will keep on pushing. I get my results from a CT scan on Friday, so all being well will get a date for a partial thyroidectomy then, and can start talking to them about getting on Thyroxine. But I am ecstatic that someone has said there's a problem; that's its not that I'm fat and lazy and hormonal and need to pull myself together. It's actually something that can be treated and I can look forward to a new life.

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I am happy too for you and do not know how doctors can ignore clinical symptoms but that is how they are trained nowadays - wait till the TSH reaches 10 but sometimes it never does.

Your instinct tells you when all is not right but trying to get a diagnosis of a thyroid problem is like a quagmire.

I wish you well and hope you get the medication you need.

Thank you!

I would say that you need to get your test results with ranges from your Dr as normal does not necessarily mean normal. Also, ask for the thyroid antibody test as if this is positive and you have a high TSH even just slightly out of their range you may find getting treatment easier.

Hi, I always thought being diagnosed, and being prescribed with medication would be an answer to a prayer. But in reallity, Thyroxine maybe, is not the answer, as the symptoms, the feeling of being unwell go on and on. In fact most of us felt better before we were diagnosed and taking Levothyroxine.

Pleased for you Kitty..In the long distant past, it seems to me, Docs were were more hands on ie palpating the neck being familiar with irregularities

I have had to ask twice if not more for my gland to felt. Finally it was agreed that it was 'bulky'.

Maybe they are scared to be charged with assault if they touch the patient.

Keep record of every result and procedure how you feel etc., just incase you forget stuff. Sometimes improvement is subtle.

All the best

Thanks for all your comments and tips. Fingers crossed it's the start of something good :)

Thanks for all your comments and tips. Fingers crossed it's the start of something good :)

Thanks for all your comments and tips. Fingers crossed it's the start of something good :)

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