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Good news

I've come back from drs gobsmacked. I showed Gp swollen hands and dry heels and was told 'of course we'll supply you with thyroxine.' She thought the dose I've been on ,150 mcg, was a big dose but has prescribed it and says I can have a full blood test including T3 in a months time. I am so pleased. let's hope everyone's GP becomes so open minded and listens to their patient.

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SUCH good news! :)

Don't forget not to take your meds on the morning of your blood test when you go back as it can cause a spike! :)




Yes, it certainly is good news.


great news , maybe there is another doctor out there that can use their own brain and training to the optimum effect instead of conforming to the set establishment view .......super start for you to the new year just keep it going .....alan x

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Wow! Great result. Why aren't there more doctors like this?


I know I still can't believe it. I went there expecting a battle - before and during treatment with Dr S I always got the impression the GP had washed hands of me and didn't support his diagnosis so I was totally disarmed and gobsmacked by what happened. Perhaps the sight of my swollen fingers and dry skin and the fact I was really cold and obviously had deteriorated changed opinion. I really hope everyone else who needs help gets it. I'd really forgotten just how debiliating hypothyroidism is!


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