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Thyroidectomy without potassium iodide? Still feel awful with 'in range' results.

And how can I raise my TSH? Any great graves' endos?

Okay so I was wondering if anyone had a thyroidectomy without the iodide before? I've read it doesn't make a lot of difference but will I find a surgeon to agree?!

My bloods haven't changed & endo won't check antibodies to see if they're coming down :(

TSH <0.05mIU/L RANGE 0.4-5.0

FREE T4 12pmol/L 9-19

FREE T3 6.1 pmol/L 2.6-5.7

Anyone know if I can raise my TSH? I am still so exhausted I'm hitting breaking point with this now.

Was wondering about a good graves endo I could see privately? I was hyper for 6 months before diagnosis and I felt better than I do now. I didn't think I could feel this bad with 'normal' levels?

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If you email she has a list of NHS Endos, one of whom may be near you. She also has private doctors.


Thank you :) I have the list but I wanted someone who is good for graves patients and I can't see that on there :( x


I wouldn't say your levels are normal Wiggy, your TSH is undetectable, your FT4 is low and your FT3 is high and as you may have heard many times on here when people are on two much levo they feel exactly like you do.

Have you tried soya milk to raise your thyroid levels. If it can cause hypothyroid by stopping the thyroid from working then why cant it help someone with an over active thyroid. I may be talking rubbish but you could give it a go and it wont interfer with your vegan diet. Someone jump in please and tell me if I'm wrong here.

Your not on levo are you?

Moggie x


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