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I have regular injections of B12 however I have started feeling unwell again have problems with constipation and loose stools feel cold and

tired putting on weight was a size 8 now 14 to 16 Have a pain just underneath my ribs and in joints . I had my TSH taken first time was 4.2 second time was 4.86 but lab range is up to 5.5 so GP states thyroid is normal. Is there anything that I can do I believe the problem is with my thyroid

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If you haven't been diagnosed and despite a rise in your TSH level and your GP dismissing your clinical symptoms, if you can afford it I would go for a private appointment. Your GP should then take over.

B12 deficiency can also cause similar symptoms but the fact that your TSH is rising I think your thyroid gland may be compromised too.

Ask your GP for a full thyroid gland function test and get a copy of the blood test results complete with the ranges and post on a new question for members to comment. If your GP refuses you can have a private blood test for T3 and T4 before deciding what to do.


thank you for response Will ask for full blood test


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