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How do bloods look?

Free T3 4.500 (3.1.-6.9) normal

TSH 0.020 (0.25-5.0) cause of concern to GP always wants to drop my thyroxine from 150 to 125. I refuse as it makes me feel awful. Not good on 150 without anti depressants (anti D free for last 5 months- im awful to live with)

free T4 17.900 (12.0-25.0)

B12 517.000 (2 00-950)

ferratin 77 (14-180)

So all normal.

Endo has agreed to trial me on 100mcg thyroxine with 10 mcg T3 for 3 weeks dropping to 75 0r 50 of thyroxinne and 20mcg T3 for 3 weeks before reviewing me again. Not started yet as secretary is on holiday til Monday and then needs to reach my GP who will then see me. Also cortisol test has been requested. I think I should be happy!!! but i'm so low at he moment its easier to remain pessimistic.!!

I took loads of info of T3 , my basal temp chart my feelings etc etc . Glad he showed understanding.

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This is great news!

Hopefully your GP with be proactive in monitoring you and continuing to prescribe! :)




Hi Potty, this is a reason for hope. After reading hundreds of blogs here, it seems very few people get their FT3 anything above 4.8. There must be a tipping point where there is a level where T4 simply will not convert into more T3. It this is really true, the only answer is to take T3. It seems that more patients are getting their doctor to oblige them as yours is. I hope it is a trend which continues.


thank you for your response Heloise. I feel so lonely at times, i read this site to reassure me. I hope to be posting more positively in a few weeks time.


I've been disgusted with trying to use my medical system and decided to chuck it all. I stopped taking Armour and started on T3 the next day beginning a very small dose at about 5 mcg. cynomel working up to 25 which was equal to the T3 in my Armour. After a few months, I am able to increase a little (which I could never do with Armour). I had many muscle issues which were almost crippling if I had to do any physical labor. They have definitely been improving but I know that after ten years of building, it will take a while to reduce. I just want you to know there is an answer out there. I hope your cortisol test is a saliva test but I'm thinking it is not.

I have been reading this website for years and I know it can be a real comfort. You can do a search for almost anything.


no,blood test for cortisol at some point. :-(


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