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Can I get a Corn/Maize starch free T3 Liothyronine tablet in the UK?

I cannot tolerate levothyroxine so my Endo has put me onto 20mcg of Liothyronine T3 instead. I started on it today taking only 10mcg to start at 5pm today. To my horror I am starting to develop the same symptoms that I have to levothyroxine - wheezing and laboured breathing. I know that I am allergic to corn starch and as liothyronine contains it I am wondering does anybody know if there is a corn starch free version of this available please?

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are you allergic to 'wheat starch' at all?

if you are not then ask your pharmacy to obtain Cynomel by Sanofi Aventis (France). Your GP will have to prescribe 25mcg tablets and specifically 30 25mcg tablets as it comes in packs of 30 so 30 or any multiple of 30.

Also tell your GP that the PCT will be happy if you tolerate this one as it costs one fourth of the english liothyronine, english liothyronine is approx £50 for 28 tabs and French one is £11 something for 30 tabs :D BARGAIN :)

the inactive ingredients of the french one are:

calcium sulfate dihydrate, gelatin, sucrose (30 mg / tab) * , wheat starch * , stearic acid, talc. * excipients with known effects


Hi, After I received your reply on 11th April I contacted my NHS endo by letter and asked her if she would be kind enough to write me a prescription for Cytomel, I explained in the letter that it is alot cheaper than English Liothyronine and this is her reply received today: "Unfortunately Cytomel does not have a licence in the UK and therefore I am unable to prescribe it on the NHS. I have confirmed this with our pharmacy and they have said that it is officially designated as a red list drug" She also says "I can issue you with a private prescription for a 1 month supply if you can find a pharmacist who is able to obtain this for you. It may need to be imported into the UK and this may be quite expensive". So now yet again I am stuck, I was diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism 5 years ago and my TSH has been steadily rising ever since, I now have a TSH of 9.74 and am fully blown hypo. I have tried every levothyroxine available in the UK both tablet and liquid forms and all of them have made me ill, that is why my endo out of desparation agreed to me trying Liothyronine but because it contains corn starch it made me ill after the first dose. I have been trying to source a corn starch free T4 or T3 for 3 years now and I have never been on any thyroid meds whatsoever, have you any ideas what to do next please? I am seriously annoyed about this and feel that I am being discriminated against because I have an allergy, I feel that a corn starch free brand should be available to me on the NHS, afterall it is not my fault that I cannot tolerate it. I have had to give up work due to illness and now live on benefits so cannot afford to pay for private prescriptions. I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer please. Thanks alot Sharon


no it's cyNOmel and NOT cyTOmel.

cyNOmel from sanofi aventis (from france) is affordable on private prescription as 30 tablets are just over £11, so ask for this one from your endo on private prescription.

the endo 'may' be right that she cannot do it on NHS prescription but I suggest get it on private prescription for now then one day you can look into 'fighting' for it on NHS.

then ANY pharmacy will be able to get it for you, mine down the road is a little silly pharmacy and they can get it! they will get it from IDIS (which is an importer pharmacies use)

ps it comes in 25mcg tablets, in packets of 30 tablets


Hiya, What a very speedy reply - thank you. I will take your advice and ask her for a private script, the only thing that I'm confused about is why is she saying it will be expensive when I know that you have said before and are still saying now that you can get it so cheaply? That really confuses me. Thanks for your help. Take Care Sharon


Sorry forgot to say I did ask her for CYNOMEL not cytomel


ok, she is probably thinking of cytomel even though you said cyNOmel, so you must 'spell it out' for her and also make sure you explain to her that you are NOT talking about the american one from Pfizer but that you are talking about the FRENCH one and emphasise to her that she MUST spell it correctly on the prescription, also to write 25mcg tablets in multiples of 30 as it comes in packs of 30. She is thinking of the american one that one is quite expensive that is true.

but you can also ask your pharmacist, don't take my word for it :)


I do take your word for it, you have helped me a great deal and I appreciate it very much. Thanks to your help I may finally get on the road to recovery! The Endo did write Cunomel on her letter, but as you say perhaps she is getting mixed up with the one from USA. I am going to see the pharmacy later to ask for their imput. Thanks alot Sharon


I take purified levothyroxine (t4) as I could not tolerate the normal levothyroxine. This is a special order with Martindales which my GP prescribes.



Thanks alot for your answers, I have tried purified Levothyroxine and it doesn't work for me unfortunately, but I will go and bother the GP about the French one and see what he will do for me AGAIN! Thanks again for your help. Sharon


Hi Sharon

I was wondering if Martindales could do a compounded T3...Might be worth contacting them..




Thanks Louise, I will have a word with them and see if they can help. Thanks again. Sharon


Sharon.. did you find a solution? I need same asap Di


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