Why can't I see other peoples, replies any more?

I can find questions, read them and it shows there are replies, but I cannot read them. I tried clicking in them etc, but have no idea what people are saying.... I use an iPad, I am computer literate, having done programming a very long time go.... (Before windows). Anyone else had the problem? Who do we contact about it?

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  • The techs were let out for Xmas and 'improved' things.

    Scroll down past the Read Next box and click on ↑↓ arrows under Replies.

  • hahahaha - Understatement!

  • If you look to the right of the screen you will see two arrows, up/down. If you click here, you might be lucky and replies might come up but it is hit and miss on my iPad. I complained to technical support at HU and they said if I scroll down the replies will come up whether I use arrows or not but this does not always happen. Total mess and I wish they would stop trying to "improve" a system that was working perfectly well. Hope this helps a little!

  • Agreed - on my iPad, a very early one, sometimes they simply do not appear. I think what is happening is that everything else is being displayed first. All the headers, footers, sidebar, post or question, the dratted Read Next, and so on. That means that you absolutely have to wait until that has been completed before it even thinks about displaying responses. On top of that it seems that it has to download every response before it will display even the first response. So on big pages with lots of responses, especially on slower devices and poorer connections, it takes a long time. Then on top of all that, it feels like any delay, error or problem handling any element of the screen can cause it just to stop and never complete.

    It is better on my fast laptop but even that sometimes struggles.

  • I have a new I pad but the same problem. Having said that I eventually saw these replies...eventually....

  • I have now found the arrows have changed their minds and are now on the left this morning!!!

  • I've got the same problem on iPhone and iPad. I can't see the four replies to your post either and I don't expect you will be able to see this reply from me :-)

  • Well I'll be blowed - now I've replied to this post I can see the other replies!!

  • I think it is a ploy to see how efficient our medication is.

  • I also have trouble. I use iPad and iPhone. iPhone is worse.

    I have reported it to tech support.

    I hope they sort problems out. I'm getting sooooo frustrated. Stopped replying to most things now!!!!

  • I get this too, it takes a while for them to load, sometimes pressing the up or down arrow to of where it says x replies helps, but I'm thinking .... you may not see this one either!

  • Thanks for your feedback G! :)

    Have you voted on the Poll yet..!? ;)


  • Poll here - just in case


    Can you see our replies yet Galathea?

    (PS a DIY make-shift to boost wifi signal cut up an aluminium can & put around the back of the antenna on the router!)

  • I have the same problem but I cannot see the replies to your question so I do not know what the answer is either. I daresay you wont be able to see this reply.

  • I am also having problems on my phone, a nexus 5. Replies don't appear even when I click the arrows. I have to scroll right to the bottom of the page and back up again then the next time I scroll down I can see some of the replies. If I want to see more replies I have to go through the whole rigmarole again; several times on a post with lots of replies!

    I have never come across a forum platform as useless as this one. I know there are always teething problems but we don't even have basic functionality that we should have for administrating communities. It's really, really pants!

    The only thing I like more than other platforms is the way it looks. Unfortunately style over substance really doesn't cut the mustard!

    Carolyn x

  • I have to say I agree with you about the look of this site. It is the only reason I am prepared to wade through all the daft unnecessary changes and keep clicking on arrows that do not work. Actually, since I wrote to them at tech support, it has all been much better, so good that they took my moans seriously and even better that the look of the site is still so clean and fresh and easy to see. Thanks HU but no more changes please!

  • Yep, can see there are 5 replies, but can on,y see the ones I have been notified about.... Via email.... Cannot see them on the forum at all.... In fact this snt like a forum at all, its more like asking to myself. Doh! . I use an iPad.... Can someone pm me and tell me how to report this... Ta. Xx

  • I know Carolyn has PM'd you, but for the benefit of anyone else who may be experiencing similar issues...

    At the top of every page on the green bar is a 'Help' link. Click on that, and then on the right of the page you land on is Contact Us. Below that is the link to 'Email Us'. That takes you to the form for tech support, feedback etc.

    I can see and do all of what I've described above on an iPad.

  • I've PMed you :)

  • It also works if you click the recommended box.

  • I have same problem can read question but not replies can t even access replies to this question

  • Wow! Don't know what has happened, but have just seen all the replies. Hope this means its been fixed.

    I did contact admin and they said clearing my iPad cache would help. It appeared to help for a day or so but then it was just as bad as ever. Various suggestions put the blame in my court, but I have a new iPad and fibre optic broadband, so its not me!

    I do hope this is now sorted.

    G x

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