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Calf muscle pain related to thyroid?


I've had this calf muscle pain for years and finally, a doctor ordered a lot of blood tests to be done. A big blip showed up on my thyroid and it turns out I've got underactive thyroid and the doctor said this calf muscle could because of this. Tomorrow, I'll now start tablets.

Has anyone had this problem? It's horrible to walk with it because it's a searing pain, also burning and throbbing and stopping once in a while doesn't work. You have to sit down and relax for five minutes before it goes and even then, your bones hurt afterwards.

I'm also wondering if I'll have to go on benefits now, because of these legs and thyroid.

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I am waiting for someone to actually say that I do have underactive thyroid, and yes, I have had severe pains in my calves, to the point it was suspected DVT and I had to keep measuring my calves to see if they ballooned, but they didnt and yet still there is no one willing to diagnose.

I am on Customer service desk in a supermarket, and am standing all shift. Yes I can barely walk at the end, or if I sit for break and then I am so stiff and sore to get moving again.

I think you would be better off asking at Citizens Advice Bureau as they fill in loads of forms for people on benefits, and can advise you better if you are finished on ill health - dont quit, as you are better to be finished due to ill health. Unfortunately as the new claimants claim for benefits, unless you are gravely ill, paralysed or on cancer treatment, you are expected to find a job that you can do, and not focus on the cant do. Even those in wheelchairs are now expected to look for work.

Thats how bad the system is :(

Ann xx


With a bit of luck and a wise doctor, your pains should diminish when you reach the optimum medication. You should aim to have a TSH of 1 or lower but some GP's think it's right to keep you in 'normal' range. Always keep a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests complete with the ranges as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment.

You should take your levothyroxine first thing in the morning with a full glass of water and have breakfast about 1 hour later. Some find they feel better taking it last thing before bed: you should not eat anything two hours before.taking it.

It is a gradual process and your GP will start you on a lower dose and increase when you have your blood tests. Once your are on maximum you will have a blood test every year and sometimes an adjustment is made.

If your doctor hasn't done a Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask if it can be done. Hypo people usually have a low B12 and D.

Hope you get on o.k.

I have muscle pain in my left arm and as a result I have limited movement. I will know when I am on the right meds as my arm will start working again. I am sure you will notice that too as a sign of getting better soon.

I have muscle and bone pain, mainly legs and back, sometimes my arms, I have found out. A deficient in Vit d and a side effect is osteomalacia. Worth getting your evils checked, x

Excuse my typos, I'm very tired :-/


I've had this terrible calf pain for 7 years now. I'm on levo and Armour and so far (nearly 2 years) it hasn't improved. I have developed very painful feet over the last 5 yesrs again no improvement. My next step is raising my T3 ratio. Xx

Thyroid and related metabolic issues do seem to leave us open to lots of spurious muscle and joint pain. Also based on my experience to cramp/ minor injury which because it may not recover as it should, may go on to become a more chronic tendency...


Thanks everyone for your replies!

I'm now starting Levothyroxine 25mg, one to be taken each day before breakfast. My doctor told me that my symptoms may clear but she also said that they could come back worse, so it's something to keep in mind.

I have no clue what blood tests were ordered, apart from a bloody lot of the but I know my thyroid, either kidney or liver and bone something or other came back with blips on them. She said that bone one came back with a blip because of the thyroid and that it causes my bones/muscles to over work themselves and to cause this pain. So you never know, it might help and it might not.

Crossing fingers! Thanks for all your replies.

Heloise in reply to AHewlett

Since you are just beginning your journey, take note.

This website has much information that can help you.

Helpful info here too! :)



Stourie in reply to AHewlett

don't just accept "blips" from your doctor. Ask for a print out of all your blood results with reference ranges and then print them out here . You will get lots of invaluable help with any queries.

Jo xx

I would say yes - I developed calf pain/cramp especially at night in the run up to finally being diagnosed as hypo 4 years later. I just lived with it.

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