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Urgent Help Please regarding ordering NDT


I have screwed up. Going to Florida on Boxing day and thought I could order my Armour now online and get it delivered to where my parents are staying. The normal pharmarcy i order from emailed to say they only post out of country and cannot deliver internally.

What NDT can I get online now delivered to me there? Will it upset my system swapping brands to say Efra if that's all I can get.

Really stressed as haven't go quite enough to last me till I come back. Can I supplement part of it with Nutri Thyroid which I have fair bit of?

Any advice really appreciated.

What an idiot I am - will have to be more prepared.

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I am not 100% sure, but does the USA allow prescription medication into the country?


That would be a question for the USA people - could always contact their embassy in London or post on a USA forum.


No - nutri thyroid contains NO hormones and is not a substitute for thyroid meds


Can you not pick it up? Some pharmacies allow you to order from this country and pick it up but none will post it internally without a prescription.


Do you have a prescription? I have 3 chemist contacts who will prescribe with prescription. Let me know if you want me to PM you the details.



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