Has anyone tried the Circadian T3 Method

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had tried this Circadian T3 method for Adrenal Health? Things are getting really bad now and I am desperate to try anything. I am half way through the book about this method and it looks promising, I am just so scared of making things worse. Has anyone any experience about this?

Thank you

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  • Hi, I think it does work for some people, but it was absolutely wrong for my daughter, as it meant waking herself from a deep sleep to take the first dose. For someone who was already suffering from extreme fatigue this was bad news and made her feel a lot worse. We have now found out why her endocrine system had failed, she is off all adrenal meds and her adrenal glands seem to be working just fine. I think the only way to find out what is right for you is to try it and see.

    Jane x

  • Hello Jane,

    Thats what I am frighten of, it making my situation worse. In my case it won't effect my sleep because I barely get any but its if anything goes wrong. My docs are just not going to entertain the fact I have an Adrenal Issue dispite showing them an ASI test I had done last year. I can only take tiny amounts of T3 before Toxicious sets in. You only have to look at me to see how ill but the docs cant seem to see it. I am glad they were more help to your daughter x

  • Can you find an integrative doctor instead of an MD? They will be able to help.

  • Poor you. What medication route has brought you to where you are now? Not knowing, it might be an idea to go back to absolute basics, with as little medication as possible and start again? And, indeed, where are you health-wise now, re symptoms? If your doctor is making matters worse I'd find another. Or make a complaint. Have you a record of what's been going on?

  • Hello Humphrey,

    I had been going to the docs for about 15 years before they picked up what was the problem - I think they thought I was to young (at the time to have Thyroid Issues), so back in 2011 I was put on 25mcg of Thyroxine and for a couple of months things really improved but after that things started going wrong and i was infact becoming worse, the docs werent interest and just dismissed everything I was saying, after struggling on things turned extremely bad and I had no idea what was happening, my temp dropped to about 34.2, my pulse 125 bmp, blood pressure low, pain all over my body, struggling to breathe and evening struggling to walk around, I was just exhausted, could never sleep, lost my sense of taste and smell, had a burning sensation in my chest, pains in my stomach, I was very pale with big dark circles under my eyes and so confused and always going to the loo and bad IBS, I used the last of my energy to see my GP - he said I was depressed. In desperation I went privately and saw Dr P, he done the ASI and it came back I had low Adrenal reserve - he told me to try nutri thyroid and Nutri adrenal - neither of them I could take as they gave me really bad diarrhoea, so I ended up with Hydrocortisone and T3. I got the HC just in time, i really thought I was going to die and that done a lot for me but I could never take that either in the normal quantities without getting terrible symptons. So after I changed surgeries and got the same response I decided it was down to me. I have decided to try a quarter of a tablet of T3 twice a week and hope that goes in. I have had stomach problems for years and wondered if that was why I have having all this trouble taking it - but my doc wont do any tests just said I proberly have chrones diease. I have been reading both Paul Robinson books and I haven't started the circdian methond as I am to frightened to make things worse. Do you think their is anything else I should be doing? I do take lots of vitamins and try to do yoga on my better days.

  • You've certainly done everything you can to help yourself feel better. I really feel for you that it hasn't worked better. Do you not feel you want to go back to Dr P again? And are you sure your adrenal glands haven't become fatigued again? Which vitamins do you take?

  • Hello Humphrey,

    I am certain that my adrenals are struggling, after having an arguement with my GP on the 9th Dec things went down hill rapidly and I still havent recovered. I am struggling to do anything. My Adrenals never got well because I never could take the Hydrocortisone that I needed. Dr P has said he is not sure what is going on but would continue to try but he is so far away from me - its about 250 miles and I am not well enough to do that yet. Vitamins I take is Vitamin B Complex with extra B5, Vit C, Sea Kelp, a high strength Multi mineral complex, Flaxseed oil, DHEA, Co Enezmyes Q10 and I do have a healthy diet and do yoga when I can. I don't have the energy to exercise yet. I am getting so concerned now - I do not want to loose my job but I am struggling. I am keeping with T3 because that is much better for the Adrenals, so I thought if I try a quarter of a tablet twice a week for a month then try to increase it again. If that doesn't wokr then theirs this CT3M method but im to scared to try that yet.

  • Also wondering how your iron and ferritin are?

  • If you are reading the book then you know about his web site. recoveringwitht3.com/ He also has a Facebook page facebook.com/recoveringwitht3 and from that you can join his CT3M forum on Facebook and talk to the group about your questions. There is no 'one size fits all' in the thyroid world but Paul's approach has helped many people. I suggest you finish the book and check out the forum. PR

  • Thank you for the info. I am aware that Paul Robinson is on Facebook - Joining Facebook will be a last resort for me, but If I have to then I will. Thank you

  • Kitten-Whiskers, it can be a real challenge to deal with the health issues and try to maintain a life. With all your stomach and gut issues a Paleo diet and removing gluten and dairy would probably be useful. Have you tried an elimination diet? Probiotics might help. Did you ever get the TPO AB and TG AB tests done to see what your antibodies are like? Certainly sounds like some immune issues are involved. We all end up experimenting a bit in order to find out what works. Don't give up hope. Paul has some really experienced people on the forum and that would give you the best feedback about the kind of problems you are dealing with and whether or not CT3M might be helpful. As you are aware his books contain a lot of troubleshooting information, has that been useful? Did you see any of the gluten summit a couple of weeks ago? You seem to have a very sensitive system, how much HC are you taking? Chis Kresser has a lot of good info on his site about healing your gut. chriskresser.com/ He says that is the first thing he has to do with about 80% of the people he works with. It certainly seems to be a part of your situation. PR

  • Hello

    I was tested years ago for gluten and was told that was fine. I had a camera down the throat 14 years ago and was told the stomach lining had slight tares and I had chocolate cysts but nothing to worry about. I did have lots of Probiotics to treat what I thought was candida (also started about 14 years ago) but docs say that is not what It is so have stopped taking that. GP wont do anymore tests on my stomach - said I proberly have crones diease. I was thinking of cutting out Diary to see if that made a difference, also started to get alot of stomach ache now. Thank you for the link and Info. I won't give up, I couldn't bare to live the rest of my life like this

  • I have used ct3m very successfully, but am a bit tied up with xmas now to go into details. I have written some blogs about it if you are interested. Not sure how to access these now with the new site but think it might be by clicking on my name and then on my profile.

    I will hopefully be able to help more in the new year. But I went from being unable to tolerate NDT in very small amounts to be ok with 2 grains in one go :) don't give up hope - I'm sure you will get there. Paul robinson's Facebook page is good as he is able to answer you in person and is obviously the fount of all knowledge with ct3m xxx

  • Thank you - I am glad you had success. We all have to battle on until we find the correct method for ourselves, as it is not just as simple as taking a tablet. Take care x

  • Hi Clarebear,

    So pleased to hear that you had success with ct3m protocol.

    Have you got any more details - I know its all individual but real experiences do help.

    Do you use hydrocortisone before ct3m?

    Did you use NDT for the ct3m.?

    I want to try this myself but adrenal fatigue symptoms pretty bad right now and adrenal glandulars are not sufficient. I may have to go back to HC cream to balance me out for a while and then wean over NDT and ct3m.



  • I didn't take hydrocortisone bug had tried the glandular s which didn't help/made me worse. I was unable to tolerate very much NDT but that's much better now post ct3m. I started on 1 grain 1.5 hours before getting up bug this was too much. I changed to half a grain but this wasn't enough. In the end I found 3/4 of z grain 2 hours before getting up had z good effect.

    I did ct3m for a year bug have stopped now as adrenals seem much better. I now take 2 grains on getting up and then 1/4 of a grain at 5pm. So a low ish dose in total.

    I had lots of help from Paul Robinson on his Facebook group - do you know about that?

    Clare xxx

  • Hello Clare,

    Your situation seems so much like mine, Did Hydrocortisone make you worse, it did me. How often did you have the ASI test to keep checks on your adrenals and did you cut back on your vitamins when you got well?

    Best wishes

  • I didn't take hydrocortisone but felt the NAX made me worse, particularly when Dr P upped the dose quite high. I only did one ASI which showed low cortisol in the day and high at night.

    I've stopped all supplements now that I am feeling well. I did have Los ferritin but that seems to be staying at z good level now that I am feeling better :)

    CT3M really did play a big part in my recovery - if seemed to be the missing link for me. Xx

  • Thats great to here that your well and that you don't need to continue with endless supplements . I had one ASI test and that showed low cort throughout so I think I will have to pluck up the courage to try the CT3M. xx

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