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The Circadian Method - experiences?

I've been looking into this, my main source is the STTM page (By the way, can anyone explain this part in brackets? 'vitamin D 2500 IUs (even if no 25 hydroxy vitamin D bad result)' I've read it over and over and I don't understand it!

I'm having trouble believing that setting my alarm for 4:30am to take medication will be beneficial. What if you find it hard to get back to sleep? I'm already so groggy when my 7am alarm goes off. Plus I worry that I would be so tired that I would forget to set my regular alarm after waking up!

If anyone could share their experiences that would be very helpful!

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My interpretation it is saying "take 2500 IU vitamin D supplements even if your blood tests for vitamin D have not shown a level which is a problem".

Looks to me as if that page needs a good review/proof-reading. There are definite mistakes on it - and several places the language is not clear.



Ah, yes, that makes sense thank you! I just found this page on the method too


I did try the Circadian and set the alarm every morning. I used to wake feeling very poorly and then unable to get back to sleep. Now and again I'll wake during the night for a pee so that was useful but latterly I'm sleeping right through.

Would prefer to take my T3 earlier particularly to avoid breakfast but it's just not happening.

I do feel that you should give it a try, we're all different with our bodies working in different ways. Good luck!


Have you tried taking it before you go to sleep?


I don't know about the name (Circadian), but a few months ago I started taking my levo when I woke during the night - I usually do - at about 5 or 5.30 am, and am a new person. I don't set the alarm and put the pills in a little container and have a glass of water nearby, so that I can do it without really disturbing myself. If I sleep through, I delay breakfast till mid-morning, and try to be relaxed about it. I am so much better since doing this - training for a new career, doing generally more and more interested in doing things. Concerned that doctor will reduce dose when I see her on Friday, but hopefully, I'll convince her.


I adopted the CT3M a year ago in June and found it completely life changing (no exaggeration). I was feeling dreadful with vertigo/dizziness, headaches,anxiety, sinus problems etc etc and had been on Armour since the previous January. I was finding it very hard to raise the dose as every time I did the symptoms got worse and the headaches were intolerable.

I too was worried about not being able to go back to sleep, and to be honest my sleep is still a bit variable, but it was worth it.

Before starting CT3M I was unable to tolerate more than 1/2 a grain at a time, but now a year and a bit later I can take 2 grains at a time without any problems and am feeling pretty much 100 per cent. I stopped CT3M in June, so after a year.

I have written some blogs about my experience, which I can find if you are interested. xx

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Hi, Clarebear,

I'm a newbier and finding these comments so useful. I'd love to read your blogs re the CT3M. I somnia is and has been my worst symptom for over 33 years while having FM. It's only lately that I've come to realise that my thyroid and adrenals are involved. Have been on T3 ( Dr P ) but had to come off a week ago ( can't take synthetic drugs) and now take half grain Armour before rising. I often do not sleep at all and 2-3 hours is normal.

Am waiting for adrenal saliva test from Red Apple.

First time I've written on a forum so hope all goes well.

Thanks, Ann ( longtimerFM


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