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Just been diagnosed today and thought i would pop in so many questions

I was diagnosed this morning but looking back my symptoms started about a year ago.

I used to have an over active thyroid as a child and was always on build up drinks as i could not put on weight ironic now really. I am 39 now

I started feeling unwell had lots of sore throats which i kept going back to the dr's for since Jan 2013. I then started having severe bleeding on my monthly cycles. In September I went back to the dr's as I had no energy at all and was tired all the time and felt like i had something stuck in my throat all the time.I was sent for bloods to check my iron and B12 they done a test for my thyroids as well, the iron and B12 came back fine they told me my throid was a bit low and they wanted to monitor my thyroid so i was sent again for bloods this Tuesday and the dr called me straight away to say they have a prescription for me.

My first bloods are:

TSH is 10.48

T4 is 7.3

These really mean nothing to me but the dr has put me straight on Levothyroxine 50 micrograms is this high for my first dosage?

I have been taking Tranexamic for severe bleeding during my cycle will i be able to stop taking these once the Levothyroxine starts working?

They want me to be re checked in three months.

Sorry i have so much to learn about this condition my niece who's 14 had her groiter removed last year because she had cancer there does it really run in the family is my daughter at risk?


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Hi There is a lot you need to know. I suggest first you read all the good advice on this site, start at the beginning and wade through!

50mcg is about right for the starting dose of Levo, retests 6 weeks and alterations in med as needed. often take a year and can be worse before improve. You also need a T4 test for thyroid ie 3, TSH, T4 and Free T3.Lots more tests in the future for semi related conditions.

Any further questions after reading up, I suggest you put on here as posts. There is a lot you need to know, however, good start as GP has diagnosed it, often the hardest part.

Best wishes,



Female problems are one of the clinical symptoms of hypo and should rectify when you are on optimum medication.

Always get copies of your thyroid gland blood test results for your own records, including the ranges as labs differ.

Take your medication first thing with a full glass of water. Don't take supplements until about 4 hours later.

It is usual to have a blood test every 6 weeks with an increase in meds each time until you feel well. I, personally, would not wait 12 weeks before my next test. Get your blood tests as early as possible, not having taken your medication until after it.

Put your questions in the Questions column so that you will get more responses.


Just seen your latest post but will reply here. Nowadays it is not uncommon for an endocrinologist to start you on 100 mcg in these circumstances. In view of the symptoms you noted in your recent post I would ask you doctor to increase you levothyroxine now, preferably to 100 mcg and then review with blood tests after a month or so. If the doctor is reluctant to go to 100 settle for 75.



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