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dr peatfield telephone appointments or written consultations has anybody done this how does it work ?

hi can anyone please help regarding this i cant get to any dr peatfield clinics as live in the lake district and have been told by the really helpful people on here i can get a telephone or written consulation has anybody done this to get sorted? how does it work, i just want to be prepared in what im asking for so i get it right and rather nervous about it all iv been given the link for mr peatfields clinic times but could not see anything about alternatives

thanks sx

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I would write initially to Dr Peatfield, telling him your medical history up to the present. Give details of your blood test results, with the ranges, what medication you take and dose and your clinical symptoms. If you haven't as yet been diagnosed tell him your clinical symptoms.

This link is out-of-date and I know he doesn't email. There are a couple of forms you can fill in too. It takes a long, long time usually to get through to his phone and he used to do telephone consultations on Wednesdays. He used to do clinics throughout the country so do not know if he still does so.

As he relinquished his licence with the GMC he can no longer prescribe thyroid gland medications.

You may be able to borrow the book by Diana Holmes from It tells the story of her journey which finally leads her to Dr Peatfield.


thanks shaws im doing a 24 hour salvia test today sending off tommorow so i think this should help see if the problems are adrenal iv found out that the one of the clininc is 55 miles away did not realize i think i will see if someone could take me thanks so much for your support and help think finally getting somewhere merry christmas!



just a update on my post i cant get anybody to take me to a clinic over christmas spoke to dr peatfields secretary and explained i was struggling to get to a clininc and cannot travel she is going to send me forms out and what i need to do for written consulation and its probaly going to new year until he could do a consulation its going to take abit longer but its something and i should get the right help thanks everyone without your ongoing support i would not of even got this far without you all getting my 24 hour adrenal salvia test back within 7 days fingers crossed



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