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Test Results Back! Looking for some advice to see if I'm on the right track. Any help would be appreciated as I feel quite lost at moment :)

I have Hashimoto's and am Hypothyroid. I was on Eltroxin for Hypothyroidism for roughly 10 years and generally felt in good health. In the last year I became quite ill and had all sorts of symptoms, was finally diagnosed 6 months ago with Hashi's and was put on 100mcg Levothyroixine. In these past 2 weeks I became very ill and broke out in hives, acne, my hair fell out, had severe migraines, fatigue, depression and worst of all very severe heart palpitations and feelings of anxiety. So back to the doctor, he tested my levels again and said that he would drop my dosage to 0.75 mcg and see if it will help.

I am living in Germany at the moment and although my Doctor is great and also speaks great English, my results are in German, I'm pretty sure these results are a standard format so hopefully it will make sense. I should add, I also changed my diet drastically and am now on the Paleo Diet, it's still early days on this, but I've heard good feedback. Sooo, here are my results, let me know what you all think.

Troponin T LIA < 0.013 ng/ml 0.013

Freies T3 LIA 2.72 pg/ml 2.0 - 4.4

Freies T4 LIA 1.74 ng/dl 0.90 - 2.00

TSH Basal LIA 0.94 uIU/ml 0.27 - 4.2

Bare in mind these are results from when I was on 100mcg Levo. I have switched to 0.75 only 5 days ago. I will test again on the 16th of December to see if the 0.75mcg is more beneficial and will post those then too. According to my Doctor, these results above are normal. Many thanks in advance everyone x

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your symptoms were from way too much eltroxin. if they continue, then cut back a little more.

your tsh is normal, so being cut down to 75 was a good move. the doctors always give us way too much too soon. eltroxin is a hormone, and we should always start LOW and slow on hormones, but the doctors don't tell us that. they panic us and till us up with too much, and then we get sick , just as you did.


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