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Has anyone had trouble trying to buy an online blood test through Blue H with a Maestro debit card?

I tried to order a TF3 (TSH, free T4 + free T3) test online earlier today, got to the checkout only to be told the vendor could not support the authentification process. So I phoned them and the lady tried to put the order through, then said at the last minute, after taking all my details, they did not accept Maestro - despite the site showing that they do.

I use Sage pay to buy other medication every month, without any problem.

Has anyone else used a Maestro debit card to buy their test please? I have no other card available!

Many thanks.

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It's on Twitter that RBS are having problems, don't know if that applies to your card problem?


RBS and Natwest were having problems.


Hi I use Barclay card or Mark. I expect they would accept a cheque but may then want to wait until it is cleared about 4 days.I would phone them, all very helpful.



As above have mentioned, its ALL maestro cards that have been affected, and are still affected by the technical hitches, whatever they may be. You may have to go into a branch to get cash as it wont work in cash machines either


You can ignore that post ^ was posted a little while ago on bbc news that the issue has now been resolved :)


Thanks for the replies and information, I will make another attempt to order bloods if it was a Maestro card issue, I assumed it was an issue with the 'vendor' and I'd be kind of stuffed :)

Many thanks all.


I used my Maestro card with Blue a couple months ago. had no problems with it going through x


Hi Everyone,

Sorry meant to respond to this yesterday but was waiting for some solid information from Sagepay, our payment provider. Seems like a lot of other people were, and have got no further. Catnsndogs, do you mind trying again? I know that people have used maestro before with no problem and I havent had any reports from sagepay that I remember.

Paul Harris

Blue Horizon Medicals.


Thanks, I will try and reorder the test I am after.


Update.....My card (Maestro) was not accepted again, either online or over the phone this week when trying to order the test. However, the lady I spoke with made arrangements to assist me to pay another way, and I have now done the test, just waiting on the result back.

I have now asked my bank for a credit card, which is on its way, as opposed to my debit card since I have also been unable to order medication online. The bank did mention that Maestro cards are slowly being withdrawn, but they said they have had no issues from their side in authorising payments from my card, which I often use online for UK purchases with all the well known retailers.

It is typical that just when you need something to work..... :)

Thanks to those who responded.



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