Plantar Fasciitis Socks - Amazon lightning deal 04-Feb-2017

These socks have generally good reviews and, according to have been sold for £14.99 since 06-Nov-2016, but were at £9.87 last October.

The lightning deal commences at 09:15, or 08:45 for Prime members. You can't buy more than one pair in a lightning deal, so would need to make up the order value to £20 with other items if free delivery is wanted. Many lightning deals sell only a small percentage, so crop up again over following days.

I have no connection with Amazon (other than as customer), the seller, or the manufacturer, and have not tried the socks, but thought they may be helpful to someone.

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  • ordered 2 lots 1 for my self and 1 for my daughter thx

  • Thanks for the information and if we have plantar facilities we're not on sufficient thyroid hormones. Plantar is a clincal symptom as is carpal tunnel syndrome and swelling in general.

    I am sure some will take up the offer :)

  • well thank you shaw for that info! I had plantar a year or so before my diagnosis. Interesting how many of the things I had I just assumed were a part of aging. Luckily I found a pair of Birks on ebay for a great price and that's all I needed,

  • I should have said 'can' be due to hypo.

  • understood. In hindsight I have a good idea of how little of my immune system was working at time of diagnosis, after a gum infection progress to the bones within two weeks. So grateful for my physicians. Frustrating tho that most peole don't understand it all.

  • Amazing piece of info and thank you! I have just recovered (spontaneously!) from plantar fasciitis after several painful months of hobbling. No medic mentioned my thyroxine levels even though my voice also became huskier at that time. Have been on Levothyroxine 50 mcg daily for over 20 years. Also last year experienced Body inflammation including feet like pigs trotters couldn't walk for months followed by the p. t. Saw loads of different medics - all baffled. X

  • When doctors only take notice of the whereabouts of our blood test results and are unaware of any clinical symptoms we are doomed to continuing illhealth and given too low a dose.

    They are baffled because our TSH is somewhere in a range and they've all been instructed to only consider the TSH (nothing about Free T3 and FT4's) and I quote from an 'authoritive statement' by a very top Endo which, to me, is why most on this forum and in the world are in state of continuing ill-health. That's why I do my own thing. If TSH is 'in range' and I don't know how you are surving on only 50mcg of levo when the purpose of thyroid hormone replacements is to relieve 'all' symptoms and restore our wellbeing:

    Extract from 'Advice':

    'While taking both hormones it is important serum TSH is normal and not suppressed. If the patient is still dissatisfied it should be made clear that the symptoms have nothing to do with thyroid disease or its treatment and perhaps issues at home and in the workplace should be addressed.'

  • that makes sense bec I was on t4 only but hair was falling out and I had low normal free t3 so dr changed me to ndt 1.5 grains....and in one month my plantar fasciitis came back in one foot.i thought that was weird.....and although my tsh is .4 and my ft3 and ft4 is also low normal, she wont raise ndt bec of slightly elevated I am stuck limping on one foot.....the foot that was hurt a few years ago....long ago I had pf in both feet, this time just one......weird.....I have actually thought about taking some more t4 just to see if that would has been 6 mths now....and I don't see dr but every 3 mths.....bec of my foot I cant do the treadmill and have to do the kettle ball exercise etc so I can stand in place....frustrating......

  • Well I've learnt something new here. I also have plantar fasciitis, been suffering for about 3 years now. Not so much last year but it's started flaring up over the las few weeks.

    I have Graves' disease, only diagnosed last May. So is the pf connected to my graves? I never told my endo I was suffering with this very painful condition as I had it for over a year before diagnosis and didn't think it was connected.

  • Hi,

    I also suffer with plantar fasciitis but now it's only when my vit d3 is low.

    Are you aware plantar fasciitis is a common side effect of low vit d3?

    My level was 12 when I was diagnosed. I had 3 months treatment on the NHS and my foot pain went away.

    Look it up, it just not known as a reason by Drs, but the research is there. I only now suffer if I've not take vit d3 for a while, take it and after a few days it goes away.

    I hope it helps

  • Buy a small rolling pin .. or something similar ... or a hairspray can ... roll it back and forwards for 5/10 at a time .. often ..

    It works a treat to get rid of plantar fasciitis pain and tightness ! Easy and cheap !


  • Oh ... and take d3 if suitable


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