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Can anyone have a look what problem this exactly is?


I'm a 26 years femals and I have a thyroid nodule, and very low TSH (most recent test 0.1), but both T3(3.7) and T4 (0.84) are normal. I also have very high thyroglobulin (49.2), and very high microsomal antibody (51.2). But my endocrinologists are not so helpful, and till now I still don't have a clear idea of what exactly is my problem. The only thing my current endocrinologist does is measure my nodule size with a ruler every six months or longer depending on his appointment situation to see if ther's an obvious sign of cancer development, and nothing else. He doesn't even schedule regular ultrasound exam for me.

My symptoms include: hair loss, sometimes feeling pressure/pain from the nodule, recently I also found tiredness but I'm not sure if it's just because I'm on vacation and staying at home. Sometimes I also feel numbness in my fingers. I do have kinda dry skin and sometimes fragile nails. Meanwhile I also have eczema. Recently I once feel very weak at work and had to lie down to take a 30min nap, but that's once. Not sure if this is related to the thyroid condition though. And I eat a lot but is still pretty skinny. I don't have bulgy eyes and no sweating or heavy heartbeat though. I don't have any family histories of thyroid problems.

The pressure from the nodule bothers me most, but I feel like I'm just left unattended and let the thyroid chew me up.

I just wonder if anyone has any idea that what most likely this problem is, or it's a mixture or many things. Also I'm concerned if it's some problem in my pituitary. I wonder if I should do any other tests to tease things out. Please let me know if you need further info such as additional symptoms or test results. Thanks a lot!

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This doctor explains many of the underlying issues of thyroid disease but this one is primarily on your topic. It's only five minutes in length and there are 22 others, all regarding low thyroid problems.

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i personally think that you NEED to get to a PROPER ENDOCRYNOLOGIST and not the idiot you currently have .....it sounds as if he sees you and then checks with the reference book ---- without treating your problem [ camels head in the sand comes to mind ] ....alan


Hi Nodules always need a needle biopsy, to check under an ultra sound. Low TSH can be a symptom of Pituitary gland problems, especially if ever, especially as a baby had just a small knock on the head,Endo should have tested, did they? 24 hour urine collection, very simple, ask the GP to do it. No other test will do.You ought to also have your PTH checked, initial test for that, is AM must be 3 together, PTH ( Parathyroid)+ corrected calcium + vit D. If first 2 clearly above range and D high for you. Then. you need a nuclear scan ( not unpleasant) at a large hospital, for the parathyroid and another ultra sound for thyroid, they will do a CT with the scan, routine.

I would also find a good Endo, careful research, then ask for a new referral.

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie, I did have a biopsy and it says normal, although the endocrinologist did say the sample is a bit small, but then there's no following discussions about that. I think my calcium is normal, but D3 is a bit low, was recommended for VD3 supplement.

I just wonder, is there any symptoms I should be aware of if it's a pituitary problem? I keep asking my doctors if I should pay attention to my TSH but they never answer this question directly.

Actually, my very recent blood test just came out, TSH is even lower, only 0.07 now, and TPOAb is way high (142), there's also still TgAB (26). The lobe is further enlarged since last year as well.


Hi If D low, or taking some, important to have a corrected calcium test, D may be too low to absorb the D but if calcium over range, you have to stop the D, no matter what.

Pituitary Normally does not come on suddenly and low TSH, mine is immeasurable,always has been, but OK. The main cause of low Pituitary is a bang on the head, any age, especially as a child, can be quite a small bump.

I think the Adrenal test, the good one, and the PTH as I have described could well show the problem.Both can be sorted.

I think the last test, is significant If autoimmune, could be something autoimmune condition.It could be the absorption. Simple test, called Faecal Elastase, stool test, at home, specific for the Pancreatic enzymes. Autoimmune, common,

Best wishes,



Thanks again Jackie for the quick response.

I'll ask my doctor to perform the tests you have mentioned asap. But in terms of head bang as a child I really can't remember.

Do you have any suggestions about the autoimmune condition though? I'm very concerned about that as well. And should I treat my problem from an autoimmune prospect or endo prospect?

And finally, just make sure I understood, were you saying if I'm having autoimmune condition, then my TSH problem could be an absorption problem, and then I can just do the Faecal Elastase, stool test and ask for checking Pancreatic enzymes? Are Faecal Elastase and stool test the same thing or two different tests?

Thanks again.


Hi It would be best to see an Endo as they are well aware of all the autoimmune diseases, that effect the thyroid. Unfortunately, nothing can be done for the other autoimmune conditions, until they turn up, you just need to be on the watch. Some very treatable, some not.The only one that does not matter at all is Vitiligo ( sp!)

, white patches on skin, that can safely be ignored.

Most abdomen things are autoimmune. At the moment you should be lookinng at the autoimmune ,hormonal things. The tests especially for Diabetes, B12 + Foliates, also Caeliac diseas test for that is not always right, if you think you have that, you just have to try Gluten free for 6 weeks, better than a test. a very strong link to autoimmune thyroid disease.



Thanks a lot Jackie! Appreciate it.


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